The Nature and Purpose of Writing

A good number of men, more erudite and intelligent than me, have written about the nature and purpose of writing. I ask your indulgence for adding my contribution with the hope that this addition will serve to further rather than confuse the discussion.

Writing is the art of preserving ideas and feelings using a visual textual representation. It is undertaken using a language that contains words and idioms that is unique to that particular language. Different languages are spoken by different people around the world. The choice on which language to write on depends on the knowledge of the writer on using the language and the number of people who know how to read and understand using a particular language.

Face-to-face conversation is the best way of communicating between people. However, verbal communication is fleeting, existing only on the brief moment that words are spoken and it ceases to exist when the vibration that it occasions in the air has subsided. The written form of communication is limited, in its power, lacking therein the facility to include the nuance of gestures and facial expression. Yet it is permanent and more enduring and can still be referenced and enjoyed long after its writer has vanished from the face of the earth.

The written textual form of communication remains as the strongest medium for organizing and cataloging information. This is because the written form is more susceptible to digital processing by electronic computers. Thus, I believe that writing will remain relevant despite the prevalence of other multimedia forms like audio and video. Much has been said about the learning effectiveness of the multimedia form but the written textual component will still be needed in documenting and processing their content by search engines in the Internet.
People write for different purposes. Some use writing as a medium for self-expression. Others use it to share their beliefs and feelings toward something that they are interested in or passionate about. Some writers write for the pleasure they get from writing. Still, others write to simply document whatever they were thinking at that particular moment in their lives.

But a greater purpose is achieved when writing is used to serve the needs of humanity living on the planet Earth. Writing attains its pinnacle of usefulness when it is used to help people cope with the challenges of daily living in an increasingly modern world. It best fulfills its true purpose when it is used to furnish the mind with ideas on how to resolve problems concerning the predicament of human existence.

I feel that writing can greatly help in transferring ideas that lead to solutions for the myriad of problems that people around the world are up to. I believe that writing's true purpose is to impart intelligence that will further the enjoyment of man's life on Earth. I firmly insist that writing should enable the transfer of generational knowledge that will raise the level of man's enjoyment for his brief sojourn on the planet where we live.

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