Don't Let Hatred Consume You

Not letting the emotion of hatred get the best of us is something very difficult to do especially in the face of intentional harassment acts by psychotic individuals. I have been exposed to this type of attack so many times that to me, it doesn't come as a surprise anymore. In fact, sometimes I ask myself what mischievous act the perpetrator will do next.

The key to dealing with this problem I think is to never let yourself be personally affected by it. The logic of the perpetrator is to see you suffer or be distracted or get angry because of what he has done and he derives a lot of satisfaction seeing how you reacted or thinking of how you would react when you realized that he got you again. If you let yourself be affected by it, then you let the perpetrator succeed in his intention.

Just let it pass and know that sooner or later, he will get caught. If you catch him, tell him in no uncertain terms to stop doing the harassment acts on you. If sufficient damage has been done, then you need to bring the matter to the attention of the authorities. Busy your mind with positive and productive ideas that can provide additional financial returns to you. Don't let the incident get in your head.

The moment you let yourself be affected by it, then you lose. Your decision-making will be affected, and you may lose control and do something that you will only regret later. Maintain your self-control and refrain from doing actions that may result in criminal prosecution against you. Never take the law into your own hands.

You might try having a meeting with the perpetrator and other non-partisan individuals to thresh out any problem that you have between you and the perpetrator of harassment toward you. But I don't think this will resolve the problem especially if the perpetrator is a psychotic case.

Monitor your mind for instances when the harassment act enters your mind and be ready to switch your thinking to something positive or productive. You can think of the many things that you are grateful about or about a project that you have not yet completed. To complete the process, do something related to a project you are doing or something that you regularly do like perhaps cleaning your car or your room. You can exercise your creativity and come up with different ways by which you can Keep those negative thoughts out of your mind.

Hate is a very destructive emotion that you should not let yourself have. It is a pernicious emotion that can literally drain your energy. To me, it has no positive value whatsoever except in case of defending your life or property from violent attacks. It can consume your well-being and poison your mind. Know how bad the emotion of hate is and promise yourself that you will never let this emotion control any of your thinking or action.

You can either hate others or yourself but I think hating yourself is worse that hating others. All of us have made mistakes in our lives that have cost us dearly. Making mistakes is part of living and doing something to improve our lives. Know that when you made the mistake, you acted with what information you had in your mind at the time of the commission of the mistake. You did not make the mistake to deliberately harm yourself but you made the wrong move and somehow it has affected you negatively. Know that you will always be able to forgive someone you love and you love yourself don't you? So forgive yourself for all the mistakes that you have made and carry on with your life.

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What is Real?

"Real beauty lies not in the physical appearance, but in the heart. Real treasure lies not in that which can be seen, but in that which cannot be seen. Real love lies not in that which is done and known, but in that which is done but not known." ---Anonymous