We've heard that tragedy unites us all, but at Second Chance 4 Me we want to know why we can't be united on other occasions.
    Second Chance 4 Me has been promoting its community through branches such as the Poughkeepsie Business Transitional Center, Second Chance Productions, and Our Neighborhood.  Our Neighborhood is all about Community: it's a show that's been created to establish the Midtown area of Kingston as a contributing force in its community.  
    As a sponsor of Our Neighborhood, you aid not only yourself, but also the entire community surrounding you.  Helping Our Neighborhood financially aids us in transcending our community: it brings business into Midtown.

The Attention You Deserve

    When sponsoring Our Neighborhood, you're making sure that your business is getting the attention it deserves
    Our Neighborhood is pending broadcast on Public Access Channel (Kingston, Channel 23) which can be viewed throughout the Kingston Area.  Your business is an independent aid to the community, and it deserves that recognition around your area.  Our Neighborhood will show people what you have to offer.
    Our Neighborhood will be a sentinel for your business, so that it may be shown on every front that can be offered.  People who are exploring or re-exploring Kingston will want to visit your neighborhood, and turn to Our Neighborhood to ask where to go.