Goddess of Ice

      The wind whispered to me with a soft, calm voice. And in a few seconds, it raged with anger. It blew hard on my face yet I never felt the shivering cold. Piles of snow made everything look as if it was just a big blob of white. Snowflakes poured harder and harder like it was rain. As it fell, it danced with the wind going in every direction. Now, the wind wasn't my work at all. It was _________, the Goddess of Wind. You could say we were partners because both our magic were similar and we needed each other. 
      Clouds went darker.
       It's going to rain in a weather like this? Raina isn't doing her job correctly, I thought. 
      Just then, a bolt of lightning zapped and Raina appeared. The gloomy clouds disappeared right after. Her black hair blew. Then, she walked towards me.
      "Hello, Phedre," Raina greeted.  
      "Hello, Raina. I see you're doing great," I said.
      She looked around. "Why aren't you inside? It is freezing out here!"
      "Oh, you know me, I like to check if I had done my work correctly," I explained. I saw her shivering. "Come, let's go inside."
      We walked a few feet and then, stopped. I held on my ice staff and banged the end two times on the snow covered ground. In an instant, my ice castle appeared. 
      "Lumina, we have a guest," I called. 
      The giant ice door opened. My servants greeted Raina and welcomed her in.

     Hi, I am Phedre, the Ice Goddess. As you can see, I always discuss matters with Raina,  the Sky Goddess. I am also very close to the rest of the goddesses. Ever since I was a baby, I loved the cold. I am also known as the Goddess of Winter
     I have a long silver hair. I wear a purple dress, purple pearl necklace, and a purple hair band with a beautiful flower.
     My animal sign is the polar bear, but I am sometimes seen with a penguin.
     What surprises most people I meet is that my older brother is Terros, the god of the dead. Yes, it is true. We usually get along and he does look a lot like me too.