Link to Satellite Schools

We seek to 
offer a satellite choir for each school in the Racine area that is lacking a choral program to ensure that every child has access to a high quality choral experience. We are currently working in partnership with the Racine Unified School District and 21st Century Preparatory School to provide choirs for their schools.  We work to ensure that each student in each school in grades 4 – 12 has access to participate in the choir at their school. Each choir shall rehearse 2 - 3 times a week before or after school depending upon the start and end times.

With this program, we aim to:
  • Provide culturally responsive instruction and repertoire
  • Promote healthy vocal development
  • Foster within the students a sense of personal responsibility, professionalism, and the value of citizenship and teamwork
  • Engage with the community bringing diverse populations together