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Timothy Keith Griffin, Jr. serves as the General/ Choral Music Specialist of Giese Elementary School as well as the  Artistic Executive Director of Our Musical Life.  (Keith) received the 2013 Gifford PTA Teacher of the Year and the 2016 Phi Delta Kappa Outstanding Educator Award. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Parkside with a B.A. in music - certification in Choral and General Music Education and a concentration in Vocal performance and a recent Graduate of 
Anderson University in Indiana with a Masters in Music Education
. He has also been certified in the music pedagogy Orff - Schulwerk through DePaul University from Chicago.

Keith remains very active in the community having led the Children's choirs to perform at Milwaukee Bucks and Wave games and alongside Parkside choirs, the Racine Choral Arts Society, and the Racine Symphony Orchestra. He is the past choral director of the Gifford Children's choir, of Boy’s choir with Milwaukee Children’s Choir, and of First United Methodist Church of Racine. He can be found singing in the UW-Parkside community choir, Master Singers, from time to time. He has acted as the coordinator of the Wisconsin Choral Director’s Association All-State Children’s Choir of 2013 and 2014. He is currently serving as the Secretary of the NAACP Racine Branch. This summer, Keith will finish his 3 year term as a board member of the Racine Symphony Orchestra.

In his free time, Keith enjoys playing the Nintendo Switch at home with his son. 

Founder of Our Musical Life, Jack Senzig, was the co-director of Children’s Choir of teh Internet but has resigned. He remains the 
vocal music teacher at Gifford School in Racine, WI. Mr. Senzig has learned to market his ensembles successfully online and has directed many viral choir videos such as Kids Sing Portal “Still Alive”, A Christmas Trololo, The Six Days of Minecraft, and Cloud Cult Cover Chemicals Collide: Best Rainstorm Made By People.

Mr. Senzig is the director of the Gifford Children’s Choir, which he led to become the second most 
watched elementary school choir in the world on YouTube. His choirs’ performances have been shown and written about on scores of websites and other media such as G4 TV, Know Your Meme, the Escapist Magazine, Hypervocal, Kotaku, Time Magazine, WIRED, The Tanooki, Racine Journal Times and made it to the front page of Reddit and Digg. Mr. Senzig’s videos have received over 3 million views, 50 YouTube honors and been watched in 211 of the 269 countries of the world. Jack Senzig was invited by the directors of America’s Got Talent to audition for Season 8 with a choir. He also had a producer of the shows Being Human and Wife Swap attempt to pitch a show about his choirs to the networks. In 2013 Jack collaborated with the experimental rock band Cloud Cult on their album Love. His choir can be heard on the track The Show Starts Now.

ChoralNet is the largest network of choral directors, composers and choirs on the web. Jack served on the 7 
member advising board, and wrote a weekly blog for the website for several years. The Composers of Choral Music Community became the most active group on ChoralNet under his leadership. Jack created a marketplace for the display of the best works of his 400+ members. Jack led composition contests and collaborated with Linda Marcus (River in Judea), Ken Matejka, and Robert Ross to compose a song called Unfinished Melodies in memory of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. In 2011 Jack Senzig was the target of a nationwide political cyber-bullying attack so check the source of what you read about him.

Jack Senzig is available for hire as a choral clinician, choral/vocal composer, lyricist, poet, political 
songwriter and lecturer on Internet use by public employees.