A Letter of Support from Dr. James Benjamin Kinchen, JR

I am very pleased to speak on behalf of the exciting initiative of Our Musical Life!

OUR MUSICAL LIFE seeks to make the qualitative choral experience available to a broad spectrum of elementary-age students in the Racine area. Their project will be an important supplement to the curricular musical offerings of Racine in schools that do not have choral programs, which, of course, describes most   elementary schools.  

The benefits of music in the human experience are well-known and have been confirmed by anecdotal experience and documented by research. Over time research has shown special benefit from music participation, particularly for the young learner. As we have become more adept at tracking and mapping brain activity, we have learned that hearing and making music activates portions of the brain that are not activated by any other activity as far as we have been able to tell. Music can play a crucial role in the wiring and development of the young mind. There are numerous positive correlations and helpful carryovers in many areas of personal behavior, individual endeavor, and community citizenship that accrue to musical study and involvement.  

And as if the benefit to the individual were not enough, OUR MUSICAL LIFE promises more! Because choral singing is an intensely communal activity, this initiative will help young people learn to work together and join cooperatively toward the realization of a common goal, a very salutary accomplishment. Of course, of all corporate music-making possibilities, choral singing is the most accessible. Everybody has a voice. Everybody can sing. You do not have to be of the caliber to compete on American Idol or The Voice to have a meaningful choral experience. And, of all musical experiences, choral singing is also the least expensive!

You may be very concerned with applying your resources in ways that will have strong and positive impact on the people of Racine, an impact that will help transform this community. You want to be a catalyst in improving our collective quality of life. You especially want to lend a hand to uplifting those populations in the community that are socially, culturally, and/or economically disadvantaged. You want to abet education in the Racine area, and the arts in general, and music specifically is an essential keystone of any credible 21st century educational endeavor! This initiative has the potential to make a difference for hundreds of Racine-area young people. OUR MUSICAL LIFE can help lift their lives and make a difference! And it has the advantage of needing only modest resources to return a far greater impact.

I sincerely hope that you will support this worthy grassroots community endeavor to the extent that is possible for you. I am very happy to express my whole-hearted support of OUR MUSICAL LIFE.


James Benjamin Kinchen, Jr.

Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

One Time Donation

Monthly Donation

List of Donors

2018 - 2019 Season

Dynamic Donors
(one time donation)

Piano $1 - 25
Ronny Anderson
Akosua Aning
Pam Avery
Penni Blatterman
Bryan Chung
Maureen Conklin
Cazandra Dominguez
Jodi Diderrich
Nat Godley
Jenn Haman
The Jacksons
Juris Jaunkalnietis
David Lemberger
Andrew Matthew
Nelly Martinez
Dan Padilla
Mandy Schnaare
Sandy F-Whitman
Eric Weiss
Megan Wojtak
Dave Zapp
Wilson's Coffee & Tea

Mezzo Piano $26 - $50
Chynna Chung
Tabitha Echols
The Harrisons

Mezzo Forte $51 - $100
Stanley Bochat
The Nakayamas
Jack Senzig
The Tanners
UW Parkside

Forte $101 - $500
Brett Halladay
Educator's Credit Union
Kiwanis of Greater Racine
(Ken Norman Sr. Fund)
Milwaukee Wave
Racine Symphony Orchestra
Timothy Keith Griffin, Jr

Fortissimo $500+
Racine Arts Council
Racine Community Foundation
(Sorenson Fund)
Wisconsin Arts Board

Instruments and
Sound Equipment
Area Mics ($1,050) —
Timothy Keith Griffin, Jr