Frequently Asked Questions

Because of existing cremations arrangements with many local veterinarians, we cannot accept delivery of your pets body from the business of a large number of area vets. We can still pick up your pet from any other location, which often results in substantial cost savings for our clients.

Why cremation?
Cremation is an attractive option to burial, which is illegal in many municipalities.

How does the cremation process work?
The cremation process is one of extreme heat and evaporation. Your pets body is reduced to it's basic elements. The cremains, or ashes, are refined to a sand-like consistency.

Is the cremation done locally?
Yes! We work with a local facility dedicated to processing your pets remains with dignity. With individual cremation your pets remains are cremates separately from other animals so you may receive your pets cremains.

What do I do with the ashes?
Your pets ashes are returned in a complimentary urn. You may keep the ashes in this earn, purchase another earn.  Many people keep the ashes of their pets as a reminder of the happy memories they shared.

How long does the cremation process take?
Cremation usually takes place within one day or pickup.

When will I receive my pets ashes?
Cremations are normally completed within 1-2 days, and ashes returned as soon as a mutually convenient time can be arranged.

Will I receive my pets ashes back?
We are very careful to insure that your pets body and remains are carefully tracked, and that your pets identity tracks correctly. You will always receive the correct cremains.

What about scattering the ashes.
Ashes are frequently scattered in a manner that is respectful to your pet. You may also scatter or bury the ashes on private property. If you do not care to receive your pets ashes we can dispose of the ashes for you. Ashes vary in size from a fine powder to heavier sand-like particles. Consider wind and be respectful or others by first seeking permission before scattering ashes on the property of others. Some people keep a portion of the ashes in a mini-urn while scattering the rest.

Are the ashes from cremation "safe"?
"Cremated remains are sterile and pose no health hazard."
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio

Can you pick my pets body up from my veterinarian?
No. Many veterinarians offer pet cremation and we do not wish to compete with them. If you wish to use our services you must bring your pets body home.

How does your service compare to cremation offered through my veterinarian?
The service is essentially the same. But our knowledge of the market indicates that our service is significantly cheaper. Also, vets typically freeze animals for up to a week before cremation.

Where are you located?
We live in Kernersville and cover the surrounding area. As our business is maintained around your convenience we come to you, and we do not maintain a public office for visitors.