Practioner and Specialist: Carolyn Tucker, WHNP-BC, NFPNP
Instructor: Carolyn Tucker, NFPNP
Our Lady Queen of Peace Center is a non-for-profit, pro-life, women's health, and fertility care center.  It is located in the heart of Missouri.
The clinic is geared toward teaching women and men the detailed miracle that is a woman's body.   It specializes in women's health, specifically infertility issues.  However, medical experts are on staff to care for many health concerns
In addition to health concerns, Our Lady Queen of Peace Center also assists couples with decisions regarding pregnancies without the use of chemical contraceptives. The Center has trained instructors and practioners of the Creighton Model of Fertility Care, a scientifically proven method of natural family planning (see our Creighton Model of Fertility Care page for more information).  The clinic uses NaPro Technology in tandem with the Creighton Model.  NaPro Technology is an amazing new family planning technique that uses natural methods to manage couples' concerns.  It was developed as a medical model that works cooperatively with a woman's normal cycle.   NaPro Technology is true Women's Health Medicine.
Our clinic is currently closed to medical practice but we continue to teach The Creighton Model of Fertilitycare.
At Our Lady Queen of Peace Center, family is number one.  Children and family members are welcome at appointments.  The clinic offers an inviting, safe environment for all ages. 
 Office: (573)893-6279
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