Parish Administration

Church Cleaning TeamEach week the church interior is cleaned by volunteers from the parish who give a few hours every few months, in small teams, to carry out the task. We are grateful for the time and effort they spend, and it is due to their diligence that the church is in such good condition, and presents an attractive face to both parishioners and visitors.If you wish to join the cleaners' rota, please see Fr. Ka Fai. The latest cleaners rota can be found at the bottom of this page.

Gardening Team: The church grounds provide a welcoming entrance to the church, and a place of tranquility and beauty for those who wish to spend some time in quiet reflection, as well as an open area for the various outdoor events each year. It is thanks to the Gardening Team that the church grounds are so well-maintained. If you are able to offer some of your time to support their activities, then please contact Steve Gadsby.

Health and Safety: As the church and its grounds and buildings host many visitors and activity groups, and we all have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of those using the premises. If you are interested in the role of the Parish Health and Safety co-ordinator, please contact Fr Ka Fai.

Parish CentreMany of the parish activities take place in the Parish Centre. The Centre has two rooms, each with a kitchen. The large room has sufficient tables and chairs for over a hundred people, and half of the floor space is given over to a polished wood dance floor. The room is large enough to cater for large events, including talks, dinners, the Christmas Fair, concerts and plays (when a raised stage is used). The smaller back room is suitable for discussion groups and committee meetings, and is also equipped with tables and chairs.If you are interested in booking the Parish Centre for meetings or events, please ring the Presbytery on 01332 514107 (Mon, or Fri) or e-mail This week's activities are listed in the document at the bottom of this page.

Parish Counting Team: We welcome volunteers to help on the collection counters' rota. Normally, pairs of counters are called upon around twice per year. Please contact Fr. Ka Fai if you wish to help. The current Counters' rota can be found at the bottom of this page.

Parish Finance Committee: This committee meets every four months, to be consulted by the Parish Priest and assist and support him in Parish banking, bookkeeping, cash management and collections, fund-raising, the Gift Aid Scheme, insurance, Health & Safety, fire prevention and maintenance of Parish property. The chair of the Finance Committee is Martin Jinks.

Planned Giving & Gift AidParishioners wishing to donate regularly to the parish can take advantage of the Planned Giving scheme. A year's supply of Planned Giving envelopes is distributed annually to each participant; donations in envelopes are collected as part of the normal collection during Mass.

Through the Inland Revenue's Gift Aid scheme, the parish can recover the income tax paid by parishioners on their donations where there is an audit trail in place to show the donation going from the donor to the parish. Unlike the old Deed of Covenant scheme, there is no commitment to a specific amount of money for a given period of time. The requirements of the scheme are :

  • The completion of a simple form - A Gift Aid Declaration (available in the Gathering Area)
  • The donor must pay income tax equal to the amount being reclaimed each year.
  • The donor must be a user of Planned Giving envelopes or use a standing order.

Our Gift Aid coordinator is Des Cundy.

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