Parish History

Founded in October 1961, the Parish celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. Over these years, the Parish has created extensive archives, but contributions of memories and records from parishioners past and present would still be welcome. 

Our parish Archivist is Pauline Gallear.

The current church was built in 1982, and an extension to the entrance to create the Gathering Area was added in 2004, although the parish began in a somewhat humbler surroundings. For a brief history of the parish read the document at the bottom opf the page.

In the Autumn of 2007, the Parish celebrated the 25th anniversary of the building of the church. An account of the celebrations can be found at the bottom of the page.

Booklets celebrating the 2007 and 2011 anniversaries of the Parish are available from the Presbytery for a small donation.

Some key dates in the history of the Parish:

 1957 Fr Douglas Key foresees the need for a new parish centred on Mickleover.
 29 October 1961 Fr Edward Byron celebrates his first Mass as Parish Priest in the Memorial Hut, Station Road, Mickleover.
 Early 1962 127 Station Road purchased for use as a Presbytery.
 Late 1964 Mickleover Lodge purchased from Dr McCahey; 127 Station Rd sold.
 Maundy Thursday 1966 Mass celebrated in new chapel for the first time
 15 October 1967 First visitation and Confirmation (Bishop Ellis)
 3 April 1972 Fr Timothy O’Sullivan replaces Fr Byron as Parish Priest.
 27 June 1974     Bishop Ellis blesses the newly extended Church-Social Centre
 11 February 1975 Dedication of Lourdes Shrine by Canon Beel.
 10 August 1976 Fr O’Sullivan is replaced as Parish Priest by Fr James Daly.
 September 1979 Fr John Younger comes to Mickleover as Parish Priest.
 July 1980 Preparation of brief for new church.
 October 1980 Richard Eberlin of Nottingham is chosen as architect.
 1 September 1981 Building begins  
 5 May 1982 Topping-out Ceremony
 30 July 1982 First Mass celebrated in new building by Mgr McLean.
 7 October 1982 Bishop James McGuinness dedicates the new Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
 September 1983 Construction of the Grotto
 Autumn 1985 Presbytery alarms fitted as Pippa the dog sleeps through a robbery!
 October 1986 Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of the parish. First Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes as part of these celebrations.
 1988 The first phase of the Memorial wall is built
 September 1989 Fr Younger moves to Hinckley; Fr Frank Daly comes as our Parish Priest.
 May 1991  The people of the parish are introduced to the Trent Walk. The Tuesday Group begins to hold its meetings in the parish.
 13 September 1991 The new stained glass window is blessed at Mass.
 Pentecost 1999 Churches Together formalise their shared work by signing a Covenant.
 2000-2001 The members of the Methodist Church hold services in Our Lady of Lourdes while their new church is being built.
 29 October 2001 Celebrations to mark the 40th Anniversary of the foundation of the parish.
 Autumn 2003 Outreach is formed to direct parish charitable giving.
 Jan-June 2004 On completion, the Gathering Area is blessed by Bishop Malcolm McMahon.
 Late September 2004 When Fr Daly follows Fr Younger to Hinckley, Fr John Sherrington becomes our Parish Priest.
 May 2006 Discussions begin about forming a Parish Pastoral Council.
 First half of 2007 The Peace Garden is planned and constructed.
 September 2009 Fr Sherrington moves to Nottingham; Fr Paul Chipchase becomes our Parish Priest.
 September 2015              Fr Chipchase moves to Mansfield; Fr Malachy Brett becomes our Parish Priest
 September 2017              Fr Brett moves to St Barnabas Cathedral as Dean: Fr Ka Fai Lee becomes our Parish Priest

Parish Priests

Fr Malachy Brett                September 2015 - September 2017
 Fr Paul Chipchase September 2009 - September 2015
 Fr John Sherrington September 2004 - September 2009
 Fr Frank Daly September 1989 - September 2004
 Fr John Younger September 1979 - September 1989
 Fr James Daly August 1976 - September 1979
 Fr Tim O'Sullivan April 1972 - August 1976
 Fr Edward Byron October 1961 - April 1972

Parish Administrator,
14 Aug 2014, 06:20
Parish Administrator,
14 Aug 2014, 06:20