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Book Week 2012 Champions Read

 Some SMARTBoard units for the Early Childhood books are below. All can only be used on SMARTBoards as they are made with Notebook software.
In  some of the sorting activities I used a password so the students won't edit it.  I used 1234. 
In some of the activities I have put a Well Done, August 2012, Mrs. Graham or such behind a square the same colour as the background.  You can alter this to suit yourself or leave it hidden!
Other sites with great ideas are:
and this new site which LOOKS great but the links do not seem to be working yet... might be worth checking back later as it has great promise.
Rudie Nudie is too big to upload so I've put it in dropbox with public availability. This link should take you to it:  http://db.tt/p3uqLhYX
Kerry Gittens has allowed me to share these book trailers she has made for some CBCA Book Week Books.

Flood Book Trailer by Kerry Gittins

book trailer by Kerry Gittins

Kerry has some other book trailers.  The Runaway Hug can be found here and Look a Book here. The Dream of the Thylacine is here.  That's Not a Daffodil can be found

That's Not a Daffodil by Kerry Gittins


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