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Book Week 2011

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This fantastic book trailer has been made the top 4 in the international competition run by the School LIbrary Journal in America.  Have a look at it there http://www.4shared.com/folder/eKKbwSke/2012_Trailee_Submissions.html and don't forget to support it when the voting commences! 
What a week it was!  The children met both Narelle Oliver and Lucy Boulton Smith.  It's wonderful the authors were willing to share their experiences with the children.  Storytime with Sally was a great experience and the costume parade was a fantastic event!
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A big thank you to our sponsors:  Oakvale Farm, DC Green (a very entertaining author visit option), Central Book Suppliers (who provide really well priced books for book fairs!) and Beresfield Bowling Club have already pledged their support this year.
27 July 2011:  I've added a unit called Stories from Around the World, this is NOT  my work. This fantastic unit was created by Marie Miegel from the Glennie School in Queensland.  She was happy for it to be shared here.
Sharon McGuinness, aka Mrs. Mac, is always my first port of call when looking for Book Week ideas... she has once again gathered a cornucopia of treasures for us to explore!
What a great theme:  One World, Many Stories.... Aren't the students going to have fun with this one!?
The unit for My Uncle's Donkey was FAR too big to upload.  As a result I have written in YELLOW what images were  there so that you can add it. 
 Mirror and Two Peas in a Pod are also too big at the moment.  I will try to add them as PDFs so that you can at least get some ideas.  I already did this with The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies and It's Bedtime William (half uploaded as an interactive unit).
I could use some inspiration for more activities for Maudie and Bear if anyone would like to share!  I'd love to hear what you are doing for Book Week, so please email me ideas!
This book trailer of The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies was done by a year 6 student.

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