Building a bridge

We have learned a lot from the first few versions of the assistive arm. Using what we have learned we are moving from using a single muscle sensor and signal to using a method that will require us to pick up multiple signals from the arm. We will need to build a bridge to carry up to 8 channels of raw muscle signal data to a Raspberry Pi. 

If you have experience in electronics, myoelectric signals and can help us figure out how to build a bridge between 17 electrodes and a Raspberry Pi, then please help!


We are still scoping out the requirements - Help us :)
  • We want to use up to 17 electrodes (8 pairs and 1 reference electrode).
  • We need the full raw signal to be captured and transported as 8 separate channels to the Raspberry Pi.
  • Some have suggested we have a minimal bit depth and sample frequency I.E at least 16-bit adc and 1000 s/s.
  • The connector between the electrodes and Raspberry Pi needs to be small and easy for a child to attach and detach. 
  • The Raspberry Pi will be located on the hip, therefore the wire length should be about 60cm.
  • Each channel (pair of electrodes) will need their own color wire so that assembly can be accurately done.