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Myoelectric Pattern Recognition

posted Nov 28, 2016, 9:18 AM by Bodo Hoenen
"... We see your biggest needs in this phase of development to be in 2 areas: 

1) a pattern recognition algorithm and 
2) high quality myoelectric sensing electronics. 

For the algorithm part, we do not think your requirements are as advanced as what the Coapt system does. There are a lot of novel machine learning approaches out there and we would suggest using the most basic. I anticipate that you could use a signal-amplitude based fuzzy logic or basic neural network or similar. That is, I don't believe that you will need the most advanced signal processing to achieve your goals and the basic building blocks here could be just what you need. 

For the EMG sensing, an approach using basic electrodes, but more of them, may be all that you require. Any implemented recognition algorithm will take advantage of subtle differences from multiple electrodes instead of comparing signals from just two. I believe that a lot could be achieved simply by adding an array of low cost, off-the-shelf electrodes to your approach.