Belfast City Hall Parade
8th May 1915

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Ourheroesinmemoriam.co.uk was formed with the aim of furthering interest in the Great War of 1914-1918 and to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of all those men and women who served their countries during the war.


It is mainly focused on Belfast and surrounding districts.  The military operations of the Irish Battalions are not covered as there are many good qualified accounts of these actions elsewhere.  The names of those who served which street or area they came from and the role they played in the various  battles will be described and if their sacrifice is commemorated on any of the numerous memorials at home and abroad.

Organisation of the site

By the end of the war there was hardly a street or family in Belfast etc that had not suffered casualties or loss of life.
The names and photos on this website are taken from information in death notices of various Newspaper and details of award citations. Where possible an address or street name is listed. There may be discrepancies in the addresses or street name of those that died as held by the Commonwealth Graves Commission and the last known address according to the families involved.  The next of kin address is listed first and then that of any other family relatives as recorded in newspaper archives.  Most of  the information on this website has been collated from newspaper reports of those killed in action, wounded and memoriam columns, and stories etc.

Work in progress

The vast numbers of personnel involved in the war mean that the project will be ongoing well into the future.  The soldier’s names and details listed are by no means complete and significant amounts of records will be added on an ongoing basis.  (Please see Update News page).


I have collected these stories, lists photos etc for some time now.  If you can’t find a name you are looking for or relatives you need researching please send me an  E-mail* I hope you find this website interesting and welcome any help in developing it further.  If any person has any information regarding WW1 service men/women, please feel free to send in any details that you may have.

This information is freely available to genealogists and family historians, but at no time may this information or material on this website be used or sold for a profit basis.

If you have any questions or want anything clarified then please just ask. I will respond as quickly possible.










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