Our Gang Rescue is a small volunteer foster home dedicated to saving abused, neglected, and/or homeless dog in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana communities. Founded in 2010 by mutual friends sharing a passion to help homeless dogs (pets).
The dream of Our Gang Rescue is to develop a rescue and humane education community.
Be a Gang Member. Save a Life.    Adopt - Volunteer - Support
The mission statement of Our Gang Rescue is ‘Helping Others – be it pet/human.’ We enrich lives by helping those in need of extra LOVE and COMPASSION.

We believe in the Right-to-Life fundamentals:
*Rescue * Rehabilitate * Rehome * Refuge.
Our Gang Rescue started because of the need to rescue and rehome dogs/pets from owner surrenders, strays or from shelters. There are no paid employees, all efforts are volunteered. The goal is to place pets in loving homes where they are treated as family members for the rest of their lives.

All dogs are altered, vetted, and chipped. They are well taken care of to be happy, healthy, and socialized which allows them to be a wonderful family member.

Our Gang Rescue is registered with the State of Ohio Agriculture Dept and with the State of Ohio as a non-profit rescue entity.

All funding is out-of-pocket or through generous donations from the public. We use non-tax deductible donations to support the dogs in our care regardless of length of stay as well as contribute to rescue fees and transport; veterinary care for those in need; spay & neutering of rescue (dogs & cats); trap, neuter & release (TNR) of feral cats, and hunger relief for those less fortunate. We promote and encourage canine well-being and responsible dog ownership to build positive relationships between dogs and people via...dog bite prevention education and social awareness.
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