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Show Winners 2011


Winners at the 2011 Breath of Spring
'The Magic of Movies' Flower Show

The National Garden Club horticulture winners are:

Award of Horticulture Excellence awarded to Johnnie & Susan Walker of Edisto Island for their entry of a Frank Houser Var. Camellia Reticulatal

Award of Merit awarded to Elizabeth Rentz of Pinopolis for her entry of a cutting from her Vinca major

Award of Merit awarded to Kathy Woolsey of Charleston for her entry of a Narcissus split corona Valdrome 

Award of Merit awarded to Martha & Wesley Fisher of Mt. Pleasant for their entry of a camelia japonica 'Black Magic'

Arboreal Award awarded to Carol Donahue of Cross for her entry of a Royal Palownia cutting

Two Grower's Choice Awards awarded to Scotty Yensen of Ridgeville for his container grown Clivia miniata and for his container grown Dracaena marginata

The National Garden Club design winners are:

Award of Design Excellence was awarded to Linda Smith of Moncks Corner for her Exhibition Table Design, Type 1, design entry in 'Fried Green Tomatoes' class.

Tricolor Award awarded to Michael Pound of North Charleston for his stretch design in the 'Dirty Dancing' class.

Tricolor Award awarded to Martha Lehane of Johns Island for her Type II Kinetic hanging design in the 'Mary Poppins' class.

Table Artistry Award awarded to Pat Johnson of Mt.Plesant for her tray design entered in the 'Breakfast at Tiffany's tray class.

Petite Award awarded to Carolyn Conlon for her design entered in the 8" class of 'Gidget'.

Educational Award awarded to the Camellia Garden Club of Greater Charleston for their special exhibits on camellias.

Other local awarded were issued were:

Pink Award awarded to Michael Pound of North Charleston for his entry of Peach Prunus 'Pink Peppermint'.

Sunshine Award awarded to Sherri Bardsley of Summerville for her Cercis entry.

You Did It Award awarded to Scotty Yensen for his Dracaena Marginata entry. 

Best Camellia Japonica Award awarded to Martha & Wesley Fisher of Mt. Pleasant for their camellia 'Black Magic'.

Best Hybrid Camellia Award awarded to Johnnie & Susan Walker for their Camellia reticulatal 'Frank Houser var'.

Best Large-flowering Daffodil Award awarded to Kathy Woolsey of Charleston for her Narcissus 'Gigantic Star'.

Best Miniature Daffodil Award awarded to Nancy Rice of James Island for her minature Narcissus 'Midget'.