♥Warm up Santa and your friends with Layers of Peppermint & Hot Chocolate Cones♥

Chocolate, conversation, and good friends is a perfect recipe for success. Give the gift of all three this season by making easy Layered Peppermint Cocoa Cones. Truly there is nothing more delightful than sitting with a friend sipping hot cocoa and laughing by the fire while waiting for St. Nick. These are a perfect gift for friends, neighbors, teachers, pastors, mailman, paper-boy - you name it and it will fit the bill!

1/2 cup cocoa mix

2 (6- by 12-inch) cone-shaped cellophane bags

1/4 cup chocolate chips

3/4 cup mini marshmallows or white chocolate chips

Crushed candy cane chunks

1. Pour cocoa mix into one of the bags. Close the bag with a clear rubber band, then trim the end of the bag one inch above the band.

2. Place the cocoa-filled bag into the second bag and flatten its top so the end doesn’t stick up. This will prevent the cocoa from mixing with the other layers.

3. Layer the chocolate chips and/or marshmallows, then top with crushed peppermint candy canes. Secure the bag with a holiday ribbon and tag. Quick, fun, easy. Do this with the kids for an evening filled with laughter - making good memories for those times when the world is a little chilly to the soul.

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