♥Not for the dairy shy Buttery Coconut Party Mix♥

Not for the dairy food challenged or the calorie challenged but BOY, IS THIS GOOD! A once a year treat that can't be beat, honest. I ♥ this stuff so much but can't make it often or I'd be so round I'd give Santa a run for his money in the bowl full of jelly department!

* 12.8 oz. box of Rice Chex

* 12 oz. box of Golden Grahams

* 1 (7 oz.) bag of shredded coconut

* 1 (4 oz.) package slivered almonds

* 1 1/2 cup butter (Yes that is right! 3 sticks at 1/2 cup each)

* 2 cups sugar

* 2 cups corn syrup

1. Combine Rice Chex, Golden Grahams, coconut, and almonds in a large pot.

2. In sauce pan, cook butter, corn syrup, and sugar to soft ball stage. (That’s 230 degrees here in Utah)

3. Pour over cereal mixture and stir until well coated.

4. Pour mixture out on to 2 cookie sheets to cool. Stir occasionally as cooling to prevent clumping.

5. Store in an air tight container.