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Collage Competition

We had an overwhelming response from the students for the collage competition. The theme proposed was "Ideas For India" which is this year's theme. Students from all years participated and made innovative presentations of their ideas on colorful collage posters. We all had great fun and the environment was great.

This was the first event at E-Week 2011 and it provided a great start up for the students. Posters and different stationary events were provided to the students. The students were told to bring pictures related to the topic. The whole event was of 40 minutes and students used their creativity and came out with vibrant colors.

Posters and stationary distribution to the students.

Members from Left to Right:

1. Summy Kumar Sinha   (ECE) 3rd year

2. Prashant  Kashyap      (IT)      3rd year

3. Dilip Raha                   (ECE)  3rd year

4. Prativendra                  (AEIE) 3rd year

5. Somenath Dey             (IT)      3rd year

6. Sumanjit Das                    (ECE)   3rd Year

Collage Competition in action:

Reconstructing India with young dream and aspirations.



Participants: (Left to Right)

1. Baleshwar Sah            (CSE) 3rd Year

2. Ahiman Goswami      (IT) 3rd Year

Anupam Mahanta      (IT) 3rd Year

Ezazul Islam                  (IT) 3rd Year

Participants: (Left to Right)

1. Sanjoy Dutta      (EE) 2nd Year.

2. Sandip Das       (CSE) 2nd Year.

3. Rudranil Das      (EE) 2nd Year.


1. Anu                         (IT) 3rd year

2. Jharna                     (IT) 3rd year

3. Ankita                      (EE) 3rd  year

4. Archana                         (CSE) 3rd year   


Sudipta Ghosh              (IT) 1st Year

Md. Quasim                  (IT) 1st Year

Palash Mondal                  (IT) 1st Year


1. Suchismita Mukherjee           (ECE) 1st Year

2. Ratnadeep Dutta                      (ECE) 1st Year

3. Rahul Das                                     (ECE) 1st Year