Webquest on Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character of the late nineteeth and early twentieth century who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of British author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The stories cover a period from around 1875 up to 1907, with the final case in 1914.

He was known as a ' consulting detective'. In the stories people came to him with strange and mysterious problems usually involving murder and robbery. Sherlock Holmes found the mysteries which were the strangest and most dangerous to be the most satisfying to solve. His friend and long time companion, Dr Watson, described Sherlock Holmes as having one of the best minds in England. Now it’s your turn to become detective!

You need to read your task and then find the answers by searching the Internet.

The game’s afoot, Good Luck!


You now need to search the internet to find the answers to the task questions. Some questions you might think you know the answer to- this will help you recognize the correct answer when you find it.

When you have found what you believe to be the correct answer, then write your answer on paper or type it out in a word processing program,  such as word .


 Sherlock Holmes Webquest Questions

1) Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes's stories? Please give HIS/HER full name please

2) What 3 items did Sherlock Holmes never leave the house without?

3) Find 3 famous quotes from Sherlock Holmes stories

4) Name at least 4 of Sherlock Holmes's famous cases that he solved?

5) Name only woman to impress Holmes in his life time and which story did she appear in?

6) What was the name of Sherlock Holmes's Housekeeper?

7) What was Sherlock Holmes's famous address? When did he start to live there?

8) Does that address still exist today?  Provide evidence of your findings

9) There have been many actors who have played the role of Sherlock Holmes in hundreds of movies and television shows. Can you name four of the actors.

10) What was the name of the Scotland Yard inspector who worked alongside Sherlock Holmes in many of his cases.

11) Sherlock Holmes made this remark- " You've a magnificent brain, I'd like to present it pickled in alcohol to the London Medical Society"

Who was Sherlock Holmes talking about? And what type of character do you think he was?

12) What is Dr Joseph Bell's Connection with Sherlock Holmes?

13) What musical Instrument did Sherlock Holmes like to play?

14) In the Sherlock Holmes story " The Silver Blaze" who or what was the murderer?

15) Where and what hobby did Sherlock Holmes take up  after his retirement?


Here are some websites that you might find useful. But there are many others as well.

In Spanish

Circulo Holmes - Inicio

Sherlock Holmes, novelas y relatos en español del famoso ...

Proyecto Sherlock Holmes. Ebook gratis


The total number of Marks available is 30 Marks.


When you have your answers ready hand them to your teacher and then go on to check your knowlege on this topic by doing the activities.

Now the game is afoot we recommend you some graded books to enjoy some of the most entertaining Sherlock Holmes stories. Choose the ones more adequate to your English level by clicking on Sir Conan Doyle's stories