The Black Community's Conversation about President Obama and his leadership within the Black Community.

Tittle: Our Conversation: Obama and The Black Community, by R. Davis, Political Science/Public Affairs; A look at the rift between President Obama and some within The Black Community; paper back : $9.60, ISBN-13: 978-1475273618 (CreateSpace-Assigned): ISBN-10: 1475273614; Kindle/ebook : $7.50, ASIN: B00805F5OI (kindle)

I wrote this book to shine a light on the complex relationship the exists between the black community and President Obama. I chose to write this book from the stand point of a black man looking at and judging Obama with the political eyes I would have had if President Obama was Not a black man. Holding the same standards I would have held if he was in fact a White President. I also wanted to illustrate the type of conversations that many of us in the black community have had with one another since Obama became president and how that conversation has unfolded.

This Book is not a book that is meant to change anyone's mind, but a point where we, in the black community, can start to have a real debate about what type of President Obama has been, and what type of President we need him to be.

Though I am speaking about a conversation that has taken place within the Black Community, I hope that all readers would take a look at this book and take part in this conversation. Many white Americans, who are truly good people, have also given Obama a pass on his leadership-in part, I think, because he is Black. I think we all need to re-evaluate our position on Obama's standing in our collective community.

My style of writing in this book is informal, and I have attempted to not be so wonkish in my approach, in order to ensure that it will be a read on his over all performance and not get bogged down in policy disputes. My comparison of Obama with Reagan is based solely on the fact that both men inherited an economy on the rocks. Its the closest point in our recent history the replicates the conditions and kinds of concerns that faced the nation in 2008-2009. In the comparison of apples to apples, we can see the performance of Obama from an historical view point and a more objective one as well.

While the book takes a look at the president's performance in the general economy, I do give him credit for the state of the economy as it was, when he entered office. However, He earns all other review points. He has earned these review points with the statements that he has made about "not going to do anything for a specific special interest group" when answering a question from a reporter about what he, Obama, plan to do as president to help improve the economic condition of the black community. Not only the answer, which was, in effect, that he would do nothing for the black community, but also the designation of the black community as a special interest group was offensive to some within the community. This set up the expectation that the black community was not apart of the "main stream" of America and that he would not address the concerns or the condition of its people. From that point on, Obama has been steady in his resolve to distant himself from the black community and has, to date, allowed that community to fail and fall behind.

This position of Obama was so strange to me, that I had to take a deeper look into the who Obama was. Not merely who is parents were or where he is from, but how he was raised and what lessons did he learn, or not, as a result of that childhood. This is not about the happiness of his childhood, but what values he learned as a child. I found, through an admittedly short look, that Obama is lacking the true standing as a black man in America. What I mean by that is that he is distant from the community because he has never been apart of that community in a deep and meaningful way. He may in fact be a "BINO". Black in name only. The exploration of this, and other issues, will give pause to other parts of the greater American Community. However, within the Black Community, its an exploration some have already begun.

This book should be read by anyone who is interested in looking at Obama from an angle that has not been explored. Its that part of Obama that only a black man can explore without hints of racism been spoken about him. Having said that, I know that those who may disagree with my writing this book will probably call me an uncle tom-or worse. Knowing that, I still believe that this is a book worth writing and a conversation worth having.

Again, this is written in a very informal manner and not meant to be a scholarly effort. However, I do believe that the Public will benefit from reading this book and having a meaningful conversation about the points contained therein


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