The main idea of our project consists of comparing the different European coastal ecosystems in order to:

-raise students’ awareness of the need to respect and protect the European coastal ecosystem.

- know the main species which make up these ecosystems and appreciate their enormous biodiversity richness.

-observe that there are other coastal ecosystems, similar or different to the ones in their own region or country.

-know and study the environmental factors which determine the different littoral ecosystems: climate, wind, salinity, soils…

-discover and study the influence of human activity on the environment.

-contribute to cultural exchange among students and teachers from different cultures and countries.

- encourage linguistic exchange among students.

- promote cross-curricular team work.

- get the families of the participating students involved in the content and development of our project.

-favour the use, by students as well as by teachers, of Information and Communication Technologies along the different phases of the project.