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Tomaso Anthony Pellicci

Tomaso Anthony was the son of Feliciano and Maria Carella Pellicci. He was born in Settefrati Italy on October 25, 1895 and immigrated to the US on the S.S. La Lorraine on May 20, 1911. The manifest says he's seventeen but he was actually only fifteen.

Tomaso entered the service during World War I, enlisting at Red Bank, New Jersey on July 25, 1918. In 1919 he became a US citizen. He worked as a chauffeur. On his enlistment record, under Character: Excellent. Service honest and faithful.
In November 1934, Thomas, Addolorata, and their children went to Conn. to visit Addolorata's sisters. Five year old Anthony got sick and his mother decided to stay there with him while Marie went with her father and aunts to a relatives wedding in Rye, NY. After the ceremony they were in the car when Thomas slumped over the steering wheel. One of the aunts in the backseat said, "Tommy, stop playing around." Marie said he was always joking and a fun person so they assumed he was just being himself. Unfortunately, he'd had a massive cerebral hemorrhage of the brain and died immediately. He was thirty-nine years old.

He was buried near his father-in-law, who had died in 1930.
 January 21, 1923
Front view of Thomas's chauffeur's license.
Back view which states Thomas was born in 1897 rather than 1895, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 175 pounds,
and living at 307 West 69th Street.
May 31, 1927
Decoration Day
Thomas, Nana, Mildred, Rose, Cleny
Louis and Fanny
Calvary Cemetery
Woodside, Queens, NY
On the 1920 census attachment below, notice that Tomaso (who is now going by Thomas) is a boarder with the Carmine Arro family. The family listed just before them is Buzzeo. Possibly related to Nana's mom and perhaps the connection to how Nana and Thomas met.

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