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Feliciano Pellicci and Maria Carella

Felliciana and Maria were the parents of Tomaso Anthony Pellicci and Luigi Pellicci. Unfortunately, until I'm able to do more research, that's about all I know about them. They were born, lived and died in Italy, most likely Settefrati.  An approximation of their birthdates would be 1875 but possibly much earlier.
With the help of Grace Casinelli Stanton, we've learned that Feliciano and Maria's children were:
1) Tomaso
2) Luigi "Lewis", who married Maria Michela and were the parents of Feliciano, better known as Cianuccio. Cianuccio married Antoinette and they had Michael, Roberto and Anthony.
3) Vincenzo "Freu Freu" was married to Maria Socci and they had Anna, Antonia, Marietta, Felicetta and Luigia. Dad tells me that Freu Freu had a son named Tommaso. I've located the email address of Judy Birchfield Pellicci, the wife of Tommaso and hope to hear from them soon. Hopefully they'll be able to help out with some facts.
There exists the possibility that Thomas's mother Maria was related to Nana's grandmother, Concetta's mom, whose name was Filomena Carella Buzzeo.
The following was found at the Ellis Island website. Was this Thomas's father? We know that many would travel back and forth between the two countries. Or was this a much older brother to Thomas? My guess is that it's his father since he would have been 25 years old at the time of Thomas's birth. According to ships manifest, this was not his first trip. He had also come to NY in 1898, he was a farmer and he could not read or write. 
First name: Feliciano
Last name: Pellicci
Ethnicity: Italy, Italian
Last place of residence: Settepatti
Date of arrival: September 25, 1906
Age at arrival: 36
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Ship of travel: La Savoie
Port of Departure: Havre
Manifest line number: 0004
SS La Savoie







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