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Gaetano Massarella

Gaetano and Anthony Massarella
Gaetano immigrated to the US in 1886 from Settefrati, Italy. He was naturalized in 1898. He married Concetta Buzzeo who joined him in the US with their first child, Colomba, in 1892.

Gaetano was a labourer and worked building the NY subway system. He spoke English in 1910 but couldn't read or write.

According to Gaetano's death certificate, His occupation was Stone Blasterer, he had been in the US for 30 years. His address was 5316 104th Street, Corona, NY.

He was admitted to Italian Hospital on November 4, 1930 and was operated on for acute ruptured gangrenous appendicitis and died of Peritonitis. He died 2 days later at 8:45.
Easter Sunday
April 5, 1942
Although this was taken almost 12 years after Gaetano's death, I thought it only right
to place it here, this is his family.
Thank-you to our cousin Anthony James "Tony" Hullett. His grandfather Anthony
and Nana were brother and sister.
Tony tells me that's his grandfather Anthony sitting at the left holding Tony's mom,
Geraldine. Anthony's wife Lucille is holding their son Andrew.
Calvary Cemetery
Woodside, Queens, NY
Robin Moore,
Jun 14, 2008, 9:03 PM