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Columba Massarella Coletti De Ciantis

Columba was Nana's older sister and the first born child of Gaetano and Concetta Buzzeo Massarella. She was the only sibling to be born in Italy. Below is the ships manifest record of her arriving in America with her mother in 1893 at the age of three. It shows her last name as Buzzeo rather than Massarella. This was common practice at the time. Her mother also traveled under her maiden name of Buzzeo.
Columba was married on April 14, 1918 to Benjamin De Ciantis. Their marriage certificate is # 10269. They were married in Manhattan and Benjamins name on the certificate is: Beniamino DeChiantis. They had two children. Anthony Benjamin "Sonny" De Ciantis born January 22, 1919 and Filomena "Fanny" De Ciantis born on February 8, 1920. Fanny never married and she passed away in August 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Sonny died on November 2, 1997. His last known address was Franklin Square, Nassau, NY, 11010.

Columba married second to Carmine Coletti. They had one child, Carmine Coletti, Jr. who was known as Charlie. 
First Name: Colomba
Last Name: Buzzeo
Ethnicity: Italy, Italian
Last Place of Residence: Settefrati, Italy
Date of Arrival: May 26, 1893
Age at Arrival:  3y    Gender:  F    Marital Status:    
Ship of Travel: Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm
Port of Departure: Naples
Manifest Line Number:







Dad with his grandmother Concetta and Aunt Columba.
Columba, Dad and Nana
Calvary Cemetery
This grave appears to be of both of Columba's husbands.
Fanny, Concetta and Sonny
Fanny in 1937
at Clemy's wedding.
July 1940
Anthony De Ciantis