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Anthony John Massarella

Anthony with his father Gaetano.
Anthony, or Uncle Nunu as Dad and Aunt Marie call him, was the only son of Gaetano and Concetta Massarella. He was also the first to be born in America, on June 13, 1895. He married twice. First to Christine and second to Lucille. He and Lucille adopted two children, Andrew and Geraldine.
Geraldine now lives in Unionville, CT after 40 years in Florida. She has two sons, Anthony "Tony" Hullett and Ralph Hullett and one daughter Barbara.
Tony lives in Tennessee.
Ralph is married to Janice, living in Aurora, Colorado and has two daughters and a son, Daniel, who is finishing a second tour in Iraq.
Barbara lives in Kansas with her husband and has an 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son.
Anthony passed away February 25,1984 in Toms River, New Jersey. Lucille, who was born on March 16, 1900, died in September 1975.
Uncle Nunu
Ocean County Memorial Park
Toms River, New Jersey