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Addolorata Marie Massarella Pellicci

Nana was the daughter of Gaetano and Concetta Buzzeo Massarella who came to America from Italy in 1886. She was the wife of Thomas (Tomaso) Anthony Pellicci. She was married January 21, 1923 at St. Matthews Roman Catholic Church in New York.

Nana was five feet nothing. She had light skin and light eyes that were a bluish grey that were striking with her dark hair. She was, without a doubt, the best cook I've ever known. She loved to make things and gifts from her that weren't baked goods, were usually padded coat hangers and pot holders.

She was only thirty-five when her beloved Tomaso died and she never remarried. We miss her daily.
First Holy Communion - 1909
August 1919

Nana's Birth Certificate.
She was born at 310 W. 69th Street on April 23, 1899.
The midwife was a neighbor who lived at
329 W. 69th Street.
This should put to rest the question of Nana's birthdate, which she seemed to celebrate
not only on the wrong day, but the wrong month also!
Circa 1920
August 1921
Nana with her friends.
Nana back row far right at the beach.
According to Aunt Marie, this beautiful photo of
Nana was most likely taken at the time of her
high school graduation.
Fort Bliss National Cemetery
El Paso, Texas
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