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Cesidio and Philomena Carella Buzzeo

Cesidio and Philomena were the parents of Concetta Buzzeo Massarella. They were born, lived and died in Settefrati, Italy. The approximate year of their birth was around 1842. Our cousin Grace sent me the following information about Cesidio and Philomena who are also her 2nd great-grandparents:  They had four children: our Concetta, Grace's Antonia, Ernesto and Orazia. It seems Concetta's brother Ernesto married twice, both were Massarella's! Perhaps they were siblings to our Gaetano or in some other way related to him. At any rate, it's proving difficult to keep all the realtionships straight. Once I'm sure I've gotten my facts correct I'll post a descendant chart to make it easier to understand all of the connections.
Grace also sent the following about the book "Memoirs of an Immigrant":
"and there is a part in the book where Teddy is given shot gun shells from his cousin Cesino my uncle nick said that is my grandfather Cesidio so you are related to Teddy. I have to ask my father now that he is back. Now my whole family wants to read the book my brother Jesse (Cesidio) is reading it right now and I how to get it on tape so my relatives that don't read english can enjoy it too.  Does your father remember my Uncle Nick?  My uncle nick has some papers of our relatives that I will get from him about our family.  We should try to figure out the family tree.   So funny I did not even think (I totally forgot) of saying anything to my uncle at the party and then started talking about Teddy's book and here we are."
If you haven't obtained Teddy's book I suggest you get it. Now that we know there's a definite connection between Teddy and our family it should make reading it that much more enjoyable!