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First and foremost, thanks to Nana and Aunt Marie. Nana for saving the many documents and photos of her family. Also for the fact that she dated the back of so many of her photos.  To Aunt Marie for sharing them. I would find it hard to part with these, even for a short time, and she didn't hesitate. It is her desire that they never be relegated to a box of photographs labeled as "unknown".  Aunt Marie has also shared her memories and knowledge of the family. I'm looking forward to hearing as many stories as she can remember.
Thank-you Dad. After you married Mom you decided to adopt me, Cyndi and Bryan and thus made us a part of you and this wonderful heritage of yours. We have always been made to feel a part of the family by you, Aunt Marie and Nana. That is a gift of the greatest proportions. And even though you're always trying to send me to Aunt Marie rather than delve into the past yourself, your memories and stories are priceless.
Much of what I've researched and added here is the hard work of others. The main resources that I've used are:
North of Naples, South of Rome by Paolo Tullio
Ellis Island Portraits 1905-1920 With an historical essay by Peter Mesenholler
Finding Italian Roots by John Philip Colletta, PhD
Memoirs of an Immigrant by Theodore Buzzeo
Ann Tatangelo, researcher and supplier of the photos taken in Settefrati of the church and town.
Thank-you to Thomas Kerwin for sending me the information on Anthony Massarella's draft registration card and the 1930 census info on Mildred and Louis Caporizzo. He is a perfect example of most genealogy researchers, they readily share and try to help others, even when there's no family connection.
Thanks to the following people for taking their time to photograph the grave stones of our family:
 John Dodgson - Uncle Nunu
Jim Murray - Tomaso, Gaetano and Concetta
Larry Kane - Nana
I'd like to especially thank the following people at italiangenealogy.com who deciphered Tomaso's water damaged letters and then translated them for us:
Lucap - deciphered
Suanj - deciphered
Elba - translated
Sirena - translated
A special thanks to Frank Blefari of Stamford. He typifies what most genealogists are: kind and willing to go beyond filling a request to helping in anyway they can. He took the time to photograph the graves of our Capporizzo relatives, looked up marriage and death records and went to the extra trouble of going to the library and looked up more than a few obituaries  for me. And in a case of "it's a small world", his grandparents use to live across the street from one of our relatives.