Our Italian Family Past and Present
 Italy - New York - South Carolina - Texas
"Non potremo mai dimenticare ne smettere di amare"
This is a work in progress. I will be adding, changing and correcting it frequently. I have concentrated on the "past" so the "present" needs a lot of work.
I've decided to open this to the public, at least temporarily. It's my hope that by doing this, maybe some Buzzeo, Pellicci, or Massarella family members will see it and contact us.
None of this would even be here without Aunt Marie's generosity. Virtually all the documents and all of the "past" photos belong to her. She and Dad have helped me without complaint whenever I call to ask "just one more question."
Most of you know how this works (probably better than me). For those who need an explanation: you can click on anything under Navigation (at the left) that will take you to the page you'd like to go to. There are subpages, these are located at the bottom of a page that you can also click on. Clicking on the "sitemap", which is also located under "navigation", will show you everything that's at the site. I've added attachments to some pages, these are also located at the bottom of a page. So be sure to scroll all the way down. If you click on the attachment you will be able to view it.
"We will never forget nor cease to love"
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