About Us

Mission:  Creating Memories for Individuals with Disabilities through the camping experience.

Founded in 1992 by the "Baker Sisters", Our camp, Inc. is a summer haven for campers and volunteers alike!
Camps are held at the rustic JKBar Bible Ranch in Glendo, WY (youth and weekender) and the beautiful camp story in Story, Wy (adult).  Both are fully handicapped accessible facilities complete with cabins, commercial kitchens, bathhouses and more!  While the facilities have all the modern conveniences you would expect, the atmospheres are still woodsy and secluded to allow for a true camping experience.  

Our camp, Inc. is an almost entirely volunteer run organization (excluding our nurses and cooks).  Board members, camp directors and Counselors are all volunteers who are cherished members of the our camp family!

Camp Sessions are available each summer for all ages!
Youth Camp - Ages 5-18
Adult Camp - Ages 19-45
Weekender Camp - Ages 45+ (*younger if this shorter session better meets the needs of the individual!)