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Hello, and welcome  Our Authors Corner. This is where you will find all the latest updates and information about our books. Here you will find books written by me, R.E. Danielle, and my co author T.D. Dean.  We are happy to be publishing our first book,  Shaded: Colored Lies. This is book one in a three part book series. Join us in this new Paranormal Romance series.                                                   

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    Hello! As you know, Shaded: Colored Lies is book one. Book two Shaded: Treasured Secrets is coming soon!  Check out our coming to soon page on this site!! 
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             Second book in the series Shaded: Treasured Secrets.
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       From birth, Avery Foster was destined to be anything but ordinary. When a mysterious storm stirs up over her school, Avery discovers a dark past and a family secret that changes everything as she knows it. All of a sudden, people are out for her blood, immortal blood. With her family by her side, and a boy she’s known since childhood, can Avery overcome all the barriers put in her way and bring about change for a race who has lain dormant for thousands of years?

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      One of the questions often asked is: What has inspired you and your Co Author to write this book? 
                 A: Dean and I have always loved to write. As far back into our childhoods as we can remember, we have loved to read and write. We have both had some hardships as children and writing has helped.  We have both been told for years now, that we needed to each write a book. We have  both been told we had a very crazy imagination. So, with our crazy minds we decided to write a book together.