This blog is about the first year of Our Adventure in Lake Chapala Mexico. 

Confronted with an unplanned, early retirement in 2010, we had to figure out where we could retire happily and still maintain a good lifestyle within our means.  After 12 months + of research and two trips to Lakeside, we took the plunge and moved to Ajijic, in June of 2011.  These are the postings about our experiences, good & bad during the first year of being here.  

This blog tells our story from the time we got here through our first year.  It's personal and details the fun, and not so fun times of our adventure.  If you are interested in the area, or investigating & researching alternatives for your future retirement this blog will tell you what we have encountered and how we are dealing with both being retired and also becoming an expat.

In addition to my postings, I have included links to:  web forums that I personally used doing my research, some blogs that I find interesting and pertinent to the expat way of life, the local lake Chapala weather site maintained by a local expat, a Google map of the area with my annotations, picture links of pictures of this beautiful area, and some videos that are about the area. 

Comments are not available on this site, but if you have a question or comment, please email me at

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