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平成25年度フォトニクスセンター起業・製品化公募について/ Photonics Center calls for entries of business startup / productization projects in photonics for year 2013

Strict selection was performed on 12/18 (Tue) 1400-1730, and 19 (Wed) 1000-1600 by the selection committee that is constituted by Four external committee members including chairperson Eiichi Maruyama  (RIKEN Innovation Center  special adviser) and the photonics center program manager.

[The general remarks by the selection committee]

The applications for the Small business startup/ Commodification projects program for FY 2013 seem to be much advanced compared with last time; with stronger Entrepreneurial Mind and more concrete and in-depth proposals, some with high concern to business plans. If the route which connects the state-of-the-art technology of a university to society is clarified, it is expected that business startup/ commodification further expand.

Some proposals were based on researches that had been intended to apply real productions and the others were set up their stories prior to enter the contest. It is expected that most applicants would be the former type as in e. g. US. Some proposals will still become stronger by taking into consideration that who would be the clients/users. However, as stated above, it is highly evaluated that, by programs such as colloquium and photonics day at the photonics center, Entrepreneurial Mind is increasing the year later on.

For a small business startup/ Commodification from a university like the photonics center, it must avoid direct subcontract and profits contribution of a specific company and at the same time, one must handle properly maintenance/ protection and licensing of a patent from a university. We recommend institutionalizing appropriate rules which can cope with such problems by discussing with relevant ministries and agencies from now on.

As it is very meaningful that many faculties, researchers and students challenge Small business startup/ Commodification, even successful cases may be small, continuing such pilot-project contest further is desirable.

As well as this year, Photonics Center calls for entries of project plans for business startup / productization in the study of photonics area for next year.The adopted projects this year have been working on. We are also open for the retry projects, hopefully with additional achievements of this year. Of course brand-new proposals of new business models are very welcome too.

It’s been 6 years passed since PARC, Photonics Advanced Research Center, has been established and we are required to have an intermediate scrutiny next year and to complete our mission statement in 4 years.Our mission is to develop innovative products in photonics and to create new markets. Based on this background, now we are widely open and call entries of business startup / productization project plans in photonics.As well as last year, projects should be planned within the either scope of below mentioned points:

 1) Business startup – This case is that the project planner establishes a company and launches the own products based on the research achievement in 2 years.

 2) Productization – This case is that the project planner collaborates with a company to launch their own products based on the research achievement in 2 years.

 Please kindly note that in these both cases project plans should be planned upon any existing research outcomes. Project plans for future researches are outside of the scope of this call for entries.

The proposed project plans should be prototyping, packaging the planners’ research outcomes to launch new products in market, and in that point we PARC is going to support.

Also, the project plans should be realized and completed in 2 years after the entry and please show the roadmap in your annual plan.


The project plan should be described with a concrete business plan/roadmap based on the achievements of your research, indicating your business plan, strategy and what is the appeal of the product and advantage of your project.

The business should be started / realized by the end of year 2014.

The plans should be related to photonics.

 Please download the prescribed form in the bottom of this page and describe freely about your project including below points:

1.Research outcome/progress to be based on this project

2.Concrete business startup/product concept/plan, the objective, the goal with expected sales volume or roadmap

3.In what point your project appeals to the one of Photonics Center’s mission: supporting business startup/productization and creating new markets?

4.The reason for business startup and advantage of the product

5.Budget scale / annual planMax. 5 years

*Projects will be reviewed on a single-year base.

 Deadline: 7th December, 2012

Project plan should be sent to: Prof. Sakai sakai★parc.osaka-u.ac.jp (★⇒@)


In addition to the project plan entry, presentations are required for our selection board’s review on the date accordingly.

Detailed information regarding presentations will be coming up later.

PlacePhotonics CenterP3Meeting room213  (AnteroomRoom220)

DateAfternoon of 18th December & all day of 19th December, 2012

表記起業・製品化応募発表会が開催されました。丸山瑛一委員長(理化学研究所イノベーション推進センター 特別顧問)をはじめとする4名の外部委員とフォトニクスセンタープログラムマネージャが選定委員会を構成し、12/18(火)1400-1730、19(水)1000-1600 に厳正な審査を行いました。





















提出先:フォトニクスセンター 坂井 sakai★parc.osaka-u.ac.jp (★⇒@)


場所:フォトニクスセンター(P3)大会議室213 控え室:2階220




本公募は科研費のようにこれから基礎研究を行う課題を対象としているわけではなく、これまでの研究成果をもとに、実用化の可能性が高いものが既にあって、その中からプロトタイピングを行うことにより商品としての可能性を高め、革新的製品としてパッケージングしてゆくような提案を支援することを基本方針としています。本公募は2年以内に起業化または製品化するものを対象とします。3年以上の期間を経て起業化・製品化するものは対象としませんので、年次計画には必ず2年以内に起業化または製品化できるよう計画をたててください。 本公募への応募にあたりましては、以上のことを踏まえたうえでご提案いただきますよう、お願いいたします。

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