Research interests
  • Search-based Software Engineering
  • Software Maintenance and Evolution
  • Refactoring and Re-engineering
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering
  • Service-Oriented Computing

Current Projects

Current projects include:

Code-smells Detection and Correction
"Improving Multi-Objective Code-Smells Correction Using Development History" [pdf]
"Prioritizing code-smells correction tasks using chemical reaction optimization" [pdf]
"Maintainability defects detection and correction: a multi-objective approach" [pdf]
"A Cooperative Parallel Search-Based Software Engineering Approach for Code-Smells Detection" [pdf]

Software Refactoring
"The use of development history in software refactoring using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm" [pdf]
"Search-based refactoring: Towards semantics preservation" [pdf]

Web Service Design and Refactoring
"Web Service Antipatterns Detection" [pdf]

Metamodel matching
"Search-based metamodel matching with structural and syntactic measures" [pdf]

Software Reuse
"Third-Party Software Library Recommendation" [pdf]