Painting in the Garden
We are a group of artists from
 around Oundle in East Northamptonshire, all with different levels of ability but all enjoying painting,
During the spring, summer and early autumn we arrange painting days every fortnight, (on various days of the week) at a variety of venues around the district.
During the winter we hold weekly afternoon meetings with demonst
rations, workshops, talks and an opportunity to try something new.
We also have sketching-walks, which combine a leisurely stroll along pleasant footpaths, stopping for just 10 minutes to make a quick sketch, then to move on to the next 10 minute stop. In this way a variety of ideas can be built up towards a finished painting done in your own time. Painting in a group proves helpful for those who may lack the confidence to work in the open air on their own. Mutual support and encouragement is always a feature of these events. 
Appraisal from Liz Edgar-Saunders on the fabulous work produced in the workshop- Painting in Black and White Tones on large paper.



Summer Painting Outdoors
In recent years we have held an annual exhibition in Oundle’s Parish Church of St. Peter’s that is always well attended being in the centre of the town. Our organization is very informal. A fixture list is sent to all members informing them of forthcoming painting days and meetings. We pay a yearly membership fee (at present £6.00) and a small attendance fee each time we meet for demonstrations to cover expenses which are very moderate.