Create a business listing on ouedkniss Algeria

How to Create a business listing on ouedkniss Algéria
You all know that there are now Ouedkniss Annonce Algérieseveral websites classified ads, and it's really handy to sell items that we need not, offer your services to promote our business or service so that it becomes known. But do you know that we can build a business squarely on those platforms?
  • What is an advertising site?
Ad sites have made electronic platforms to receive the publications of surfers who want to advertise to reach a specific goal, such as meeting people, selling small items, look for an apartment, find work, find collaborators, to advertise for his business, promoting a product ...

Among the many  Oued kniss Annonce Algérie sites listing and considering the tough competition among themselves, there are now sites that stood out as much as leaders in the field and identify thousands of visitors per day and are known by everyone. They became so famous that it became automatic address them to search for interesting announcements.

Therefore, I quote as a leader in Algeria, France and in the world, but not yet in Algeria "Franchising is taking."
  • How to build a business on these platforms?
As you understand these platforms represent a virtual market where two main elements are present "supply and demand" and are essential ingredients for a good recipe stew business and break into the business world. For this I will explain a method to use on

  • Step 01: Motivate

Before starting any activity, it will take to prepare themselves morally motivated and put in our heads that success is not the end of the street, but it will make efforts and be patient in order to overcome especially, the difficult steps. Do not hesitate to seek advice from others or find the motivation to his own home (Families, friends ...) and especially, avoid negative people.

  • Step 02: Create a free account with

Having found the motivation to engage as much as worker self and start your business on, you must register on the platform site in order to advertise. To do this, nothing is so easy, it sufficed to follow the steps by clicking icihttp :/ / / pages / aide.php

  • Step 03: Find what to sell and sell

Each of us can find in him things he does not use at all. It is thought that these objects are worthless and nobody will want. It is with these same goods you could start making money and you could take it as a challenge. So you could sell everything and anything, and tell you that y'en will be someone who needs it. But how to attract these people to buy our good?

  • Step 04: Put in its property value

Above all, we must know that the purpose of your ad is to highlight your property, and there were two types of value to know the real value and perceived value.

The real value is the value that can be measured by the utility and value of our property. In other words it is the material or financial value. It should not be an expert or an auctioneer to define the real value of our objects, it sufficed to do a little research on the internet and try to find how much it costs? Do not be too greedy but reasonable.

Perceived value is the value that is measured by the need and influence on our well buyers. Unlike the real value, perceived value plays more on the deed of purchase as this is the message of the ad that will exploit it. For example I would like to sell a Smartphone. The real value of my Smartphone is the purchase price is 40,000.00 Da for example, against the perceived value is that my smartphone is a reputed brand, iPhone 32GB white, slightly used in mint condition, with features to turn heads.

  • Step 05: Test your ads

The purpose of the message that you will put your ad is to increase the perceived value and give you far more credibility and inspire more confidence to buyers. But to know that your message is Ouedkniss Annonce Algérie credible and your perceived value is high enough, it will test the messages and see the impact it is in prospect. You can tell by the number of phone calls or messages sent to your inbox. This is called by the feedback.

  • Step 06: Improve your ad

If no one contacts you and your property does not sell, act by changing the marketing message altogether or reduce the selling price.

Remember to keep the same nickname for all your posts to inspire more confidence in your customers.

Add images credible, clear and similar. You can put real pictures or download internet provided they are identical.

Getting ressources at 
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With more experience, you can look for cheaper goods and buy them for resale.

If you get to increase your credibility, your message is clear and you Ouedkniss Annonce Algérie know how to encourage the purchasing among other things, you win!

Start doing business has never been easier, thanks to the internet but all to become worn and hands with minimal effort. Leave your questions and comments below to share with us your constraints.