How learning the oud when you play guitar without losing your own guitarist habits ? That's what I try to explain in this website. Actually, it's easier than one could think by using these 3 tricks I use myself :

  • Using the guitar standard tuning (E-A-D-g-b-e), 1 tone lower (turkish oud) or 2 tones lower (arabic oud).

  • Putting oud neck markers as on most of guitars.

  • Using oud tabs developped by TablEdit.

If you're a guitarist, you will retrieve 95% of your habits : chords positions, left fingers positions...etc.

If you're just only a beginner oudist, you could use all the techniques, methods which still exist for guitar (chords, scales...), and there's much more books and websites about guitar than  about oud. If you prefer to play with the standard oud tunings (D-G-A-d-g-c or E-A-B-e-a-d), you could easily learn the oud with the tabs I'm transcribing.

Before approaching the oud neck marking and his tuning, look at the page « Generalities » where I give some advices to choose the oud, the strings...etc, and then to prevent some mistakes.

You can email me at : oudtab@gmail.com