Our latest event was the Pops Trophy trial, which was held at Allhallows Farm, Blackborough on Sunday 3rd. We had a lovely day and I always think a sign of the success of an event is the number of retirements and in this case we didn’t have any. We also had a surplus of observers, which enabled all the club members to ride that wanted to. We had 69 starters, including five Experts, with 14 entries taken on the day. Tyler Rendall was the overall winner on 1, with Matt McDonald runner-up on 3. The best Clubman Expert was Henry Pym on 6. James Finlay finished 7th and Rod Broom 8th. In the Clubmen the winner was Duncan Ravenhill-White on 6, with Lee Blackmore 7th. The Sportsman winner was Ian Baker on 1, with Lee Morgan 3rd and Terry Layzell 10th. The Novices saw Duncan Trickett win on 6, with Kevin Trott 5th. In the Over 50’s David Fry lost 1 and won on furthest clean, with Steve Dobson 6th, Ian Blackmore 8th and George Davey 11th. Darren Bunce was the only Twinshock on 22. The Best A was Sam Peppard on 28, B was Ollie Gundry losing 25 on the Clubman Expert route and C Hudson Ravenhill-White on 4.

This was the final event to count towards the club’s 2022 aggregate awards for all except Twinshock, Pre 65 and C’s, as our last trial is our round of the Centre Championships. The final positions are Expert Matt 57 points, Ben Lovelace 32. Clubman Experts Trevor Ashford 87, Henry Pym 57, Ross Blackmore 45, Rod 41. Past Masters Jeremy Parker 57, Lee Wiggins 45. Clubmen Richard Ashford 49, Andrew Burnett 47, Chris Hay 28, Thomas Pike 25, Dave Cottle 24. Sportsmen Ian Baker 72, Hedley Ashford 63, Scott Rigler 61, Mike Jacobs 35, Lee Morgan 34. Novice Shaun Gatting 84, Alison Duffy 49, Mark Blatchford 48, Duncan Trickett 40. Over 50 Stuart Keedwell 70, Steve 60, Andrew Everden 59, Pete Rush 57, George Atkins 47. A Sam Peppard 77, Freddie Mitson 67. B Ollie Gundry 80. With one round to go Twinshock Darren Bunce, Jason Atwell, Robbie Savill and Martin Gilbert all with one win each on 20, Steve Pearman and Benjamin Ellacott 17. Pre 65 Neil Hammersley & Tony Henbest 20. C’s Hudson Ravenhill-White and William Pearce 20, Brody Holton 17. A full list is available on the clubsite. I am not sure how far down the awards will go, so don’t assume that if you are mentioned here you will get an award.

Our next club event is the Stuart Trophy trial on 4th September. This event will be at East Lodge, Sidford. The event will be for all adult & youth classes except D’s. This is our centre championship round for all classes except Pre 65’s, Twinshocks & C’s. I expect entries to be available online at the ACU website within the next few days. I will email everyone when available. Closing date to comply with Centre Championship regulations is 31st August. Entries on the day are £25.

Looking further ahead to the Presidents Trophy trial on 2nd October, the permit will be applied for shortly and details will be circulated to all riders who have ridden in the last two events. It is again a round of the Normandale British championships, for over 40’s, over 50’s, over 60’s, Air-cooled Monos & Twinshocks. There will be non-championship classes for clubmen and anyone else that wants to ride. This event is held on the road and RTA insurance is now included in the entry fee. More news next month.

Other news of members this month :-

Yeo Vale ran their two -day trial. On day one Terry finished 9th in the Sportsmen. Day two saw Matt 4th overall, Lee Morgan win the Novices, with Ian runner-up in the Over 50’s and Simon Dean runner-up in the Sportsmen.

At West of England’s evening trial on the yellow route Sean Donaghy finished 4th and Terry 10th.

John Long continues his Rockshock campaign, this time finishing 9th in the Air-cooled monos Clubmen in the two-day event in Durham.

That’s it for this month.