With no event in the past month, we look forward to our next trial on Monday 2nd January. This will be held at Wiscombe Park, Southleigh at 11.00 a.m. The postcode for satnavs is EX24 6JE. This will be open to all adults and youths except D’s. The situation with entries is that the ACU are introducing a new permit and entry system and until this is up and running, I am unable to apply for the permit and therefore entries cannot be made. As this is a 2023 trial, from what I understand about the new system is that once it is available riders will firstly have to renew their club membership and should then be able to apply for their 2023 licence and only then will you be able to enter the event. The procedure for paying club membership and applying for your licence in one go, has been abolished. There has been very little information issued about the new system and as soon as I know more, I will let you know.

At the Centre AGM it was agreed that the fixture list will be produced in the same fold out format that used to be provided when the Gazette was in production. Hopefully these will be available to be sent out with 2023 membership cards.

Looking further ahead, make a note in your diary of Wednesday 25th January, the date of our Annual General Meeting. This will be followed by a fish and chip supper. Further details next month.

Many members may not be aware that, after 45 years of publication, Trial & Motocross News is no longer being printed. The last publication date was 27th October and it appears that all staff were made redundant, with very short notice. It is now going to be difficult to find the achievements of members who ride outside of the Centre.

Members in the news this month:-

Lyn ran the final Centre Championship trial of the year. Chris Blackmore finished 4th in the Clubman Experts, with Ross Blackmore 5th in the Clubmen. Craig Comer finished 5th in the Past Masters. Jeremy Parker was runner-up in the Sportsmen. In the Novices Lee Morgan was 4th and Ian Blackmore 6th in the Over 50’s, with Sean Donaghy 8th.

The South Western Gazette website shows the top ten, of what I assume are the final positions. These are:- Matt McDonald won the Experts, as mentioned previously. Chris Blackmore 9th in the Clubman Experts. Ross Blackmore 5th in the Clubmen. Craig Comer 4th in the Past Masters. Jeremy Parker runner-up in the Sportsmen as was Lee Morgan in the Novices. In the Over 50’s Sean Donaghy finished 3rd and Ian Blackmore 5th. I assume commemorative awards will be issued to the top three in each class.

At the West of England Sean finished 14th on the yellow route.

Yeo Vale’s latest event saw Chris 3rd in the Clubmen Experts, with Rod Broom 8th. Dave Cottle was 10th in the Clubmen. In the Sportsmen Sean finished 5th.

That’s it for this month. The December newsletter will be issued before Christmas, but I will send separately any news regarding the new licence system, as soon as I have it.