With no event in the last month, we look forward to our next trial which will be the Geoff Monk Trophy trial on Sunday 1st May, with the usual 11.00 a.m. start. This will be now be held at the old scramble course at Windgate Hill near Honiton. It will be signed off of the Honiton to Dunkeswell road from the Honiton by-pass. Postcode for satnavs EX14 4UJ. Classes for all solos except D’s. Entries close on the day, with online entries closing on Friday 29th. At the time of writing we have 32 entries. Unfortunately, BJ is unable to attend this event so there will be NO catering van in attendance.

We were originally going to go to Blackborough for this trial, but we had difficulty contacting the landowner so decided to switch venue. The good news is that we have now got approval to run our July trial there.

The S W Centre championship positions are now published online. After the fourth round Matt McDonald is leading the Experts, tied with Sam Wooldridge. Rod is 7th in the Clubman Experts, as is Ross Blackmore in the Clubmen. The Past Masters see Craig Comer in 4th, with Jeremy Parker in 2nd in the Sportsmen. Novices see Lee Morgan leading and in the Over 50’s Sean Donaghy is 3rd, Ian Blackmore 5th and John Long 15th.

Club members in the news this month:-

Exmoor ran their round of the Pre 65, Twinshock & C championships, with Steve Pearman 7th in the Twinshocks and John Long 4th in Twinshock B. In the non-championship classes Ross Blackmore won the Clubmen by one mark, Terry Layzell finished 4th in the Sportsmen and Ian Blackmore won the Over 50’s.

John Long went up to Scunthorpe for their Rockshock Classic round and finished 13th in the Air-cooled Monos.

At Lyn Ross was runner-up in the Clubmen, with Ian runner-up in the Over 50’s and John 5th in the Twinshocks.

Devonport’s round of the Pre 65, Twinshock & C championships saw Ross runner-up in the non-championship Clubmen, with Jeremy Parker 4th. Terry Layzell was 8th in the Sportsmen. They run an Over 60 class, where Ian was runner-up.

The ever popular West of England Good Friday trial saw Matt McDonald as winner, tied on clean. On the yellow route Sean Donaghy finished 5th.

That’s it for this month. Hope you can make it to Windgate for the trial on 1st May.