Like many of us starting our Toastmasters journey for the first time, you are probably a little hesitant to join a public speaking club.. but yet, you know it is a great skill to have.  You already know that good communications skills are important.  

If you are a parent, like me, you probably already know this and really want your child to have this valuable skill, too!  But you don't want to do this, yourself!  "Why not just send the kid?" you might ask.  I don't blame you!  I would probably be in the same predicament, if I was not a Toastmaster already!

It took me 10 years to get myself into a Toastmasters club meeting, and 6 months of sitting in the back of the meeting room just observing.  I'm not saying to follow in my foot steps... Oh no!  That would take you way too long!  :)   When I finally had the courage to take part in the club activities, and after being called more-or-less a "Chicken", that's when I started to realize the benefits of Toastmasters!  That's when I realized, I should have joined Toastmasters sooner!  I wished there was something like this when I was in High School!  Having gone through my own hurdles, I am now bringing the amazing benefits of Toastmasters and public speaking to the younger community and anyone interested, so that they can reep the benefits that I wished I had.  So that they too can empower themselves, and sooner!  

Toastmasters has helped me advance in my career, have courage to lead clubs, meetings, projects, and do anything I want; like building these two clubs.  Which, I find is very much like starting my own business!  The skills learned are transferrable to the real world!

So, enough about the benefits.  Let's talk about fears!  If you are experiencing hesitations for joining a club, understand that fears are absolutely NORMAL!  When you are stepping out into something you're not familiar with, your anxiety kicks in.. If you are a real human being, this means that your fears are in good working order!  Congratulations!  CHECK!  :)   But not to worry.  A Toastmasters club is a very safe and supportive environment that help you learn to manage your fears.  Week after week, when you attend meetings, you will receive tips on what you are doing well and where you might be able to do better, just a little bit.  Over time, you will find yourself get less and less nervous. As you progress, you will be amazed at yourself!  That's the beauty of Toastmasters!  

Why do we need a parents club?  Why not just have a youth club?  It's because the parents club provides assistance to the Youth club. This is the first time that a Youth Gavel Club will be forming in Ottawa!  (Another reason, not to miss out on this historical event!)  From time to time, both clubs will also come together to participate in group activities, which is also a nice family bonding opportunity.  Parents will see their child gain confidence in public speaking... and likewise, it would be great for kids to see their parents gain confidence in public speaking.  How many people can say, I was in a Toastmasters club and I competed with my son or daughter and vice versa for the kids?

In Toastmasters, we all want each other to become better!

Toastmasters is an ingenious program that I have not seen any classroom training be able to match!... But, that's a topic for another time! ;-)

If you are experiencing hesitations with joining, talk to a club mentor or even come find me.  You can contact me through email at: suileungtm@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing you and your child, soon!  :)

Best regards,

Sui Leung
Club Organizer