Home Based Learning Network

HBLN is a community-based, volunteer-run, informal association of families in the Ottawa-Gatineau region who are interested in alternatives to the school system.  We are a diverse and welcoming group, and our members represent a wide range of approaches to learning. 

HBLN has no membership fees or formal structure. The primary purpose of this network is to provide ways for homeschooling families in the Ottawa-Gatineau area to make connections with each other.

All HBLN activities are initiated and organized by our members. Some activities that have been offered to HBLN families over the years include science workshops, group visits to local museums, swimming lessons, used book sales, gymnastics lessons, music activities, history events, book clubs, craft groups, picnics, field trips, sports days at the YMCA, pot luck suppers, creative writing and drama classes, teen-oriented social events, and large homeschooling conferences. Throughout the year there are informal chat nights where parents can socialize with other HBLN families while sharing ideas, resources and concerns.

To become a member of HBLN and receive regular email announcements of our activities and events, submit the following information for our membership database to:

  • Your full name
  • The name of your spouse, partner or co-parent (only if applicable)
  • The first names and years of birth of children
  • Your complete address (and mailing address, if it is different)
  • Your telephone number and email address
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to include a relevant and informative "Subject" line in your email message ("Joining HBLN", for example) so we will recognize it as a legitimate request (i.e., non-SPAM).
Any change of information for current members should also be sent to the above address. 


In order for you and your child to participate in HBLN activities you must become a member of HBLN and submit all the family information requested above.  We do not accept anonymous member subscriptions (e.g., email only).  We are a local face-to-face group, and for the safety and security of our member families, all applicants for membership are fully screened by our administrative volunteers.  The HBLN membership database is maintained in strict confidence by a small group of volunteers, and no information about your family will be shared with our general membership without your consent.

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Experienced homeschooling families share their ideas with you in our Reflections section.

We also have a Suggested Reading section to help beginning home learners get started, and to help experienced homeschooling families continue to enrich and expand their thoughts and ideas about learning and education.

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