Pay Entry - 2013 Canadian Open Chess Championship

There are two steps to entering the 2013 Canadian Open Chess Championship:
1) pay the entry fee (this page);
2) complete the registration form (next page).

Entry Fee
The Entry Fee for 2013 Canadian Open Chess Championship depends on when you pay. The sooner you enter, the more you save. 
$200 before April 1, 2013
$225 before June 15, 2013
$250 June 15 - July 6
$275 on site

Canadian Chess Membership
In addition, all players in the 2013 Canadian Open must either:
  • be members of either the CFC or the FQE (as of July 13, 2013), or 
  • buy a Tournament Membership ($20).
You can buy a Tournament Membership with your entry here. To buy or renew CFC or FQE memberships, please visit the CFC website or, for Quebec residents only, the FQE website. 

There are two ways to pay for your entry: cheque or PayPal.

Cheque  Too late: pay via PayPal only - July 4
You can mail a cheque payable to "2013 COCC" to:

Remember: if you're not a CFC or FQE member, and want to play under a Tournament Membership, add $20 to the Entry Fee when you make out your cheque.
Note: if the name on the cheque is different from the name of the player you are registering, please write the player's name on the cheque's "memo" line.

PayPal provides a simple and secure way to pay your entry using any major credit card. 
From the drop-down box (below), select the Entry that applies: if the players you are paying for are CFC or FQE members, select a "CFC/FQE Member" option, if you are paying for players who will play under a Tournament Membership, choose a "non-CFC/FQE" option. Clicking the "Buy Now" button will take you to the PayPal site, where you can authorize your payment. 

Too late: PayPal closed July 13.
You can now pay at the site, cash only.

After you have paid, make sure to Register. After we receive your payment and registration, we'll add you to the list of Registered Players.

Paying the entry fee is one-half of entering the 2013 Canadian Open. The other is Completing the Registration Form.