Ottapalam is a medicum sized town located in Palghat District of the Kerala state in south-India. This place is basically a quiet residential town, ideal for retired life. Known as a typical example of the Valluvanadan lifestyle. Ottapalam is associated with some of dignified personalities like Sir. C. Sankaran Nair, K P S Menon, V P Menon and the list continues. Temperatures in Ottapalam range from 20.1 to 34.85 (Celcius). Rainfall in Ottapalam varies from 3.0 to 1107.0 (mm/month). Ottappalam is in Palakkadu district. Well conncted by Road and Rail. There is a Railway station at Ottappalam, and most of the Trains has a stop there, this is one of the important stations between Palakkadu and Trissur. Nearest Airport is coimbatore.
Ottapalam is the heart of Valluvanad culture. Its rich in festivals. There are hundreds of hindu temples situated in and arroud ottapalam. March to May end is the season for "Pooram" festivals celebrated in various temples. Pooram festivals are colorful shows of Valluvanadan culture. Bharathapuzha , also known as Nila is the silver lining to this beautiful town.Also known as the Nile of India provides water to the lush green paddy feilds in and around ottapalam. Nila was always an inspiration for many a great poet, providing the serene and peaceful atmosphere wherein they let their thoughts and imaginations run free and wild.It is a favorite picnic spot for the working community of this little town. 5 km away from Ottapalam main town, placed called Varode - on the foot steps of famouns Ananganmala - one of the best mountains in the region. In mythology, it is said that, when Lord Hanuman carried the mountain with Mruthasanjeevini, and while passing through Varode, a piece of the mountain fell which is now called as ananganmala.
 Pooram photo Ottapalam

Pooram photo Ottapalam

 Our dream home at Kadambur Ambalapara, Ottapalam
Our dream home at Ottapalam
 Ottapalam temple festival (Pooram)

Ottapalam is a town in Palakkad district in Kerala state, south India. Situated on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River (or Nila), Ottapalam claims a rich cultural heritage and has hosted many historic events.
Headquarters of the taluk by the same name, it is one of the municipalities of the district. It used to be a major town of the erstwhile Valluvanad, during the reign of the Zamorins of Calicut.