Who we are: Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) are parents, guardians, staff (non administrative), and BOE members.  We are representing parents of children in self contained classes and general education classes with various learning challenges. 


What we are: Provides opportunities to offer input to the administration regarding special education, general education (students with learning challenges, IEP’s, 504s, etc), and/or extracurricular (inclusion) programs.


When: Approximately every two months, meetings are held.  They are open to parents, guardians, staff (non administrative), and BOE members where input is shared.  Subsequent meetings between the parent leaders of the SEPAG, a member of the BOE, Assistant Superintendants, and the Superintendant are held to exchange ideas to address programming issues.


If you would to learn more, email us at: otsepag@gmail.com,  Phone: Craig Leavitt, Parent Leader, 732-859-8110