Night Beat

Newspaper drama 

The Ted Carter Murder Case(Audition)7.2M 
The Elevator Caper (Audition)5.0M 
The Night Is a Weapon7.2M 
A World All of His Own7.2M 
The Girl in the Park7.2M 
Number 137.2M 
Am I My Brother's Keeper7.1M 
The Man Who Claimed to Be Dead7.1M 
Flowers on the Water7.0M 
The Night Is A Weapon (Special Rebroadcast)7.2M 
I Know Your Secret7.2M 
World Of His Own (Special Rebroadcast)7.3M 
Tong War7.1M 
Girl In The Park (Special ReBroadcast)7.1M 
Am I My Brothers' Keeper (Special Rebroadcast)7.1M 
Mentallo, the Mental Marvel7.1M 
Elevator Caper7.3M 
The Night Watchman7.1M 
I Wish You Were Dead7.1M 
Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer7.1M 
The Girl from Kansas7.1M 
Football Player and the Syndicate7.1M 
Vincent and the Painter7.1M 
The Juvenile Gangster7.1M 
Twill Be the Death of Me7.0M 
Molly Keller7.1M 
The Devil's Bible7.0M 
City at Your Fingertips7.3M 
Old Blind Pop7.1M 
Gunner's Last Fight7.0M 
Doctor's Secret7.1M 
Old Home Week7.1M 
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted7.2M 
Wanna Buy a Story7.3M 
A Case of Butter7.2M 
The Kenny Day Amnesia Case7.2M 
Elinar Pierce and Family7.2M 
Judge Arnold's Daughter7.1M 
The Doctor's Daughter7.2M 
The Black Cat7.2M 
The Slasher7.1M 
Big John McMasters7.1M 
Juke Box Romance7.1M 
Will of Mrs Orloff6.5M 
The Search for Fred7.3M 
Otto, The Music Man7.4M 
Byline for Frank7.2M 
Bill Perrin Amnesia Case7.0M 
Antonio's Return7.0M 
The City At Your Fingertips6.8M 
Mr and Mrs Carothers 14.8M
Lost Souls 14.9M
Five Days off for Christmas 14.6M
Expectant Father7.0M 
Pay up or Die6.8M 
Long Live the Clown7.0M 
Death of Riley7.2M 
Target for a Week7.0M 
The Jockey Brothers7.0M 
Marvelous Machine7.3M 
The Old Itch7.2M 
Taste of Peaches6.8M 
Flight from Fear6.8M 
Sombody Stop Ann6.8M 
His Name Was Luke6.8M 
The Man with the Red Hair6.8M 
Larry the Understudy7.1M 
Policy Wheel Racket7.0M 
The Bug Killings6.9M