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Suspense Missing Shows

 By Dr. Joe Webb
 last updated 12 October 2015


The Missing Shows

The following is the list of the missing shows as of the date of this writing. About half of the scripts were also performed on other dates. The others were one-time performances, marked in bold. If you have a show that is on this list, please be sure to check the other performances noted for some shows in case it is a mislabeled show. The single-performance shows are the ones most sought after.

  • 7/1/42 Life of Nellie James -- Jeanne Cagney (only performance on Suspense)
  • 7/8/42 Rope -- Richard Widmark (only performance on Suspense)
  • 7/15/42 Third Eye -- unknown cast (only performance on Suspense) 7/22/42 Westbound Limited -- unknown cast (only performance on Suspense)
  • 7/29/42 Philomel Cottage -- Alice Frost (also performed on 10/7/43 with Orson Welles and 12/26/46 with Lily Palmer, sponsored by Roma Wines)
  • 8/5/42 Finishing School -- Margo (also performed on 12/30/43 sponsored by Roma Wines)
  • 8/12/42 Suspicion -- Pedro deCordos (also performed on 2/10/44 and 4/3/48)
  • 1/26/43 Death Went Along For The Ride -- Ralph Bellamy (also performed on 4/27/44 with Gene Kelly)
  • 2/9/43 Hangman Won't Wait -- Sydney Greenstreet (part 1 exists, which means that the second transcription disc with the last 15 minutes is lost or damaged; need full episode)  (only performance on Suspense)  The complete show has been recreated by American Radio Theater and the recording is at http://amerad.libsyn.com/suspense-hangman-wontwait
  • 2/23/43 Will You Walk Into My Parlor -- Geraldine Fitzgerald (only part 1 exists; need full episode)  (only performance on Suspense) The complete show has been recreated by American Radio Theater and the recording is at amerad.libsyn.com/suspense-step-into-my-parlor
  • 3/2/43 The Night Reveals -- Fredric March (also performed on 12/9/43 with Robert Young, 4/18/46 with Keenan Wynn, and 5/26/49 with Fredric March sponsored by Autolite)
  • 3/9/43 The Phantom Archer -- Ralph Bellamy  (only performance on Suspense)
  • 3/16/43 Cabin B-13 -- Ralph Bellamy (also performed on 11/9/43 with Margo and Philip Dorn)
  • 7/26/45 Fury And Sound -- Norman Lloyd  (only performance on Suspense); AFRS copy sold on eBay on 12/6/2013 for $405; the Darryl Shelton book includes the short story adaptation of this episode that originally appeared in Suspense Magazine #1.
  • 1/10/46 This Was A Hero -- Phillip Terry (only performance on Suspense; AFRS transcription recently sold on eBay; a show summary is listed at RadioGoldindex; indicating that the program exists in that collection, but may exist in others who had the auctioned disc prior to the eBay sale; a recording has yet to appear in circulation; this episode was adapted as a short story which appeared in Suspense Magazine #2
  • 2/28/46 The Keenest Edge -- Richard Greene (only performance on Suspense); the script for this show is in the Darryl Shelton book; a recreation of the show was performed by American Radio Theater http://amerad.libsyn.com/suspense-the-keenest-edge
  • 3/20/47 The Waxworks -- Claude Rains (also performed on 5/1/56 with William Conrad and 3/1/59 with Herbert Marshall)
  • 3/27/47 Trial By Jury -- Nancy Kelly, sponsored by Roma Wines (also performed on 6/16/57 with Nancy Kelly and William N. Robson as producer)
  • 7/17/47 Beyond Good And Evil -- Vincent Price (previously performed on 10/11/45 with Joseph Cotten); this program may exist as an aircheck, still being investigated
  • 12/19/47 Wet Saturday -- Boris Karloff (previously performed on 6/24/42 with Clarence Derwent, 12/16/43 with Charles Laughton, and later performed on 3/20/48 with Dennis Huey as half of an hour-long program)
  • 1/31/48 A Bet With Death -- Lee Bowman in an hour-long format (also performed on 11/10/42 as "Will You Make a Bet with Death?")
  • 7/8/48 The Last Chance -- Cary Grant (only performance on Suspense) this is the first half-hour program after the show's experimentation with the hour-long format, and is the first sponosored by Auto-Lite.
  • 6/15/50 Deadline -- Broderick Crawford  (only performance on Suspense; adapted from Radio City Playhouse 2/28/49)
  •  9/7/50 The Tip -- Ida Lupino (also performed on 7/6/54 with Lurene Tuttle)
  •  5/24/51 Fresh Air And Murder -- Jeff Chandler (only performance on Suspense)
  • 11/5/51 Trials Of Thomas Shaw -- Joseph Cotton (only performance on Suspense)
  • 11/12/51 Mission Of The Betta -- John Hodiak (only performance on Suspense)
  • 11/19/51 The Embezzler -- John Lund (only performance on Suspense); a recreation of the show was performed by American Radio Theater http://amerad.libsyn.com/suspense-the-embezzler
  • 11/26/51 Misfortune In Pearls -- Frank Lovejoy (only performance on Suspense)  AFRS copy sold on eBay on 4/20/2014 for $710
  • 12/24/51 Twas the Night Before Christmas -- Greer Garson (also performed on 12/21/53; the 1953 show mentions the movie Knights of the Round Table)
  • 9/15/52 Sorry, Wrong Number -- Agnes Moorehead (performed 7 other times on the series; this one has Larry Thor as announcer)
  • 1/6/55 Murder Aboard The Alphabet -- William Conrad (previously performed on 8/21/47 with John Lund)
  • 8/23/55 Beetle And Mr. Bottle -- Eric Snowden (also performed on 9/20/59 with John Gibson)
  • 1/3/56 The Eavesdropper -- Lawrence Dobkin (only performance on Suspense)
  • 4/24/56 A Case Of Nerves -- Parley Baer (previously performed on 6/1/50 with Edward G. Robinson)
  • 8/1/56 Massacre At Little Big Horn -- Stacy Harris (only performance on Suspense)
  • 9/15/57 Night On Red Mountain -- Richard Crenna (also performed on 1/11/59 also with Crenna and Doris Singleton, sponsored by Fitch Shampoo, 4-Way Cold Tablets, and Tums; and 11/20/60 with Mandel Kramer; the script was originally used 3/8/55 with the title “Nobody Ever Quits”)

The only circulating copy of the 3/15/51 show, "Strange for a Killer", is the recording of the dialogue portion only. A complete broadcast version is still needed. Based information documented by researcher Stewart Wright, CBS was recording drama portions of final shows and then adding orchestral and announcer segments later. Therefore, this may not be a rehearsal as is noted in many listings, but is the unedited drama portion that became part of the final recording for broadcast.

The 4/24/48 hour-long episode of “The Search” starring Howard Culver is missing its first 15 minutes, meaning that the first of four transcription discs or a side of two transcription discs for the program was missing or was damaged. It is unlikely that a replacement network copy would be found, but perhaps one of the actors or ad agencies had the program recorded separately. It is not clear if the hour long programs were being shared with AFRS, which might mean a copy could come from there.