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Storm Lover Kai

Storm Lover Kai (PSP)

 Storm Lover Kai (PSP)
  • Japanese title: STORM LOVER 快!!
  • Official site: (Link)
  • Platform: PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)
  • Release date: June 7, 2012
  • Rate: Cero B (Suitable for gamers ages 12 and up)
  • Voices: Hatano Wataru, Terashima Takuma, Kaji Yuki, Miura Hiroaki, Miyano Mamoru, Namikawa Daisuke, Yasumoto Hiroki, Onosaka Masaya, Kimura Ryohei, Okamoto Nobuhiko

*Note: Storm Lover Kai is a remake of the original Storm Lover with better graphics, more scenes and more CGs. Kai (快) means pleasure, delight, enjoyment. It might be a parody to another kanji 改 (kai) which means reformed or revised as you might have heard in anime. (Ex. Dragon Ball Z Kai.)

English Translation Project

  • Translation/Programming/Graphics: jjjewel
  • ASM hacking: thexyz


  • Translation: 100%
  • Hacking: 100%
  • Graphic: 100%

Patch Download

  • Clean ISO Info

Game code: ULJS-00504

ISO version 1 (PlayAsia version)
MD5 hash: 0E0F51464C2CBDA75D331E49F17F2AB6
SHA-1 hash: 973D741DBD97C6F05ABAFD49B2EF8D004B084B22
Keyword: StormLover Kai (First Print Edition)(J)(PLAYASiA)

ISO version 2
MD5 hash: 95423C4B30902E0CA9DF683292BA5A98
SHA-1 hash: E5F526359A2294A1C05548EB8BE133F47AA9EF42

The translation patch should work with both versions.

  • English Patch Version 0.90

Note: The English patch only works with Storm Lover Kai, but not the original Storm Lover.

Release date: July 25, 2015.

Download: From MediaFire (StormLoverKaiPatchV09.zip 4.47 MB).


Note: The file is packed with xdeltaUI program (it is the program needed to patch the game) which has .exe extension. Some anti-virus programs or operation systems will detect any download with .exe file as malware. You can temporary disable anti-virus when you download and run xdeltaUI program. Just make sure you download the correct file and don't forget to turn the anti-virus back on after you finish patching.



Save transfer

  • If you have played the original Storm Lover (ULJS-00299) before and have the save file in your storage media (or in SAVEDATA folder in case you used PSP emulator), you can transfer your data to Storm Lover Kai when you first load the game.
  • As far as I tried, this process only worked once when I loaded Storm Lover Kai for the first time. You will see these screens. (The first screen will appear only for a moment, but the second screen will pause for your decision.)

  • If you click YES, you will have the CGs, memories, etc. from the original Storm Lover transferred to Storm Lover Kai's save.

List of button controls

    • Circle: Confirm/Select
    • X: Cancel
    • Square: Auto text On/Off
    • Triangle: Text history
    • Start: Pause/Menu
    • R: Skip text (You can customize how you skip messages in Option menu.)
    • Select+L: Quick-save
    • Select+R: Quick-load
Note: The game auto-saves right before every choices selection, so you can do quick-load if you choose a wrong choice.

Known Issues

  • Translation mistakes

- (Tsukasa-sensei's route) When you buy a scarf as a gift, the price is displayed as 5000, but the actual price is 10000 and you will be charged 10000 for it. Thanks to Kaorin who reported this on GBATemp forum.

- (Mio's route) On his first birthday when you choose the expensive gift, the text was mistranslated as supplements when the gift is actually a camera. Thanks to Maverynthia who reported this on GBATemp forum.
  • English-only input name

Unlike the original Japanese version, the English patch allows only English alphabets (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9) to be used for the input name. The Japanese default names are also disabled in the English patch.
  • Problems with Japanese name

If you use your old save files from the original Japanese version and happened to use Japanese letters or symbols when you named the main character, the name will look squeezed and might not display properly.

  • Text cut off in Quick-save and Quick-load screens

The text will be cut off at 15 characters (including spaces). This is a technical problem that can't be fixed. But the text will appear fine once it's loaded in the normal screen.

  • Translation in Profile

- Once you cleared the game, you can access Profile from Extra menu. The translation there is a shorter version compared to the original Japanese profile due to technical limitations. Most of the info are what you have seen while you play the game anyway.

- There are special voices for each character but since they are just voices, there were no means to add translation for this part in the game. You might be able to find translations on the Internet later on if someone else translates them.

- The QR Codes aren't translated either. As far as I understand, they are exclusively for mobile phones in Japan. (I just added *Japan only* in the graphic.)
  • Bugs in the original game that we couldn't fix

- In some routes, you can't reply to some of Inuzuka-sensei's or Takashi's text messages even though you have enough energy left in the energy bar.

- While you're talking to a guy on the phone, you can't use any commands (save/load/status/quick-save/quick-load/etc.) I think the game was designed that way. Once the phone call ends, you can use commands as usual. Warning: The choices during phone calls aren't saved in the auto quick-save mode and you can't do manual quick-save either, so you should save before making a call.

Note: Some bugs in the original games that were fixed

- The supplementary lessons are fixed. If you fail the exams, no matter which ones, you'll have to take supplementary lessons. (In the original game, you could attend supplementary lesson in summer only.)

- Kyosuke's inconsistent clothing is fixed. In the original game, sometimes Kyosuke wore different clothes in the same scene.

- Wrong mouth movement codes in Inuzuka's ending are fixed. In the original game, Inuzuka's mouth would move when the random off-screen guy was talking.

- Some guys' awkward state phone call is fixed. In the original game, there were some wrong codes and some guys would talk like normal even though your relationship was in awkward state.

- Some of the mails and phone calls bugs are fixed. Most of the mails that you couldn't reply in the original game can be replied in the English patched version. The phone call bugs when you are in awkward state with your current boyfriend and have 6 other guys as your ex-boyfriends with high affection are also fixed. (In the original game, once you scroll down to the 7th guy, the name list will be messed up.)

Translator's Notes

  • Names

The main characters' names in this game are based on the Chinese Zodiac. Some of the events or CGs are related to the animals they represent, so it's good to remember this;

1-The Rat 子 (ne) 【御柴恭介】 Mikoshiba Kyosuke
2-The Ox 丑 (ushi) 【木尚美】 Ushigi Naomi
3-The Tiger 寅 (tora) 【谷立夏】 Toratani Rikka
4-The Hare 卯 (u) 【都木悠人】 Uzuki Yuto
5-The Dragon 辰 (tatsu) 【原奏矢】 Tatsuhara Soya
6-The Serpant 巳 (mi) 【城タクミ】 Mishiro Takumi
7-The Horse 馬 午 (uma) 【相隆志】 Soma Takashi
8-The Ram 未 (hitsuji) 【高三咲】 Takami Misaki
9-The Monkey 申 (saru) 【谷和果菜】 Shintani Wakana
10-The Bird 酉 (tori) 【水司】 Sugai Tsukasa
11-The Dog 戌 (inu) 【塚千尋】 Inuzuka Chihiro
12-The Boar 亥豬 (i) 【狩澪】 Ikari Mio

  • Foreign languages

There are some foreign languages used in the game. In case you're too lazy to look up what they mean, I list them here;
- Buongiorno (Italian) Good morning.
- Dobraye ootro (Russian) Good morning.
- Dobriy den (Russian) Hello.
- Grazie (Italian) Thank you.
- Je t'aime (French) I love you.
- Tres bien (French) Very good.
- Uno, dos, tres (Spanish) One, two, three.
- Wo ai ni (Chinese) I love you.
- Ya vas lyublyu (Russian) I love you.
  • Parodies

This game used a lot of parodies to music, games, anime, TV shows, TV commercials, celebrities, etc.

Warning: Reading these notes before playing the game might spoil the fun. You can come back to check this page once you finished the game.

*Most anime songs are not available on YouTube. You can search for its video by yourself if you're curious.